Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


James Marley, PhD Interim Dean, School of Social Work
Associate Professor Maguire Hall 506 312.915.7033
jmarley@luc.edu SSWDeanLUC@luc.edu Priscila R. Freire, PhD Interim Associate Dean for Academics; Clinical Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 512 312.915.7309
pfreire@luc.edu Michael P. Dentato, PhD Associate Dean for Research; Professor; Co-Director: Center for Field Innovation, Research, Strategy, and Training (C-FIRST) Maguire Hall 534 312.915.7030
mdentato@luc.edu Stephanie Chapman Assistant Dean for Administration Maguire Hall 504 312.915.7338
schapm2@luc.edu Amy Greenberg, LCSW, MA.Ed Assistant Dean for Students Affairs
Adjunct Faculty Maguire Hall 420 312-915-7039
agreenberg2@luc.edu Christie Mason, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S, NMT Level II Clinical Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Dean for MSW Programs Maguire Hall 540 312.915.7094
cmason3@luc.edu Jeanne Sokolec, Ed.D., LCSW BSW Director, Clinical Associate Professor Maguire Hall 510 312.915.7019
jsokole@luc.edu Terry B Northcut, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 536 312.915.7034
tnorthc@luc.edu Maria S. Wolfe, MS, MOT Director of Online Learning, SSW Maguire Hall 418 312.915.7005
mwolfe2@luc.edu Thomas Vloedman Business Manager Maguire Hall 508 312.915.7093
tvloedman@luc.edu Marquitta S. Dorsey, PhD, MSW, MBA. Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7005
mdorsey5@luc.edu Diana Franco, DSW, LCSW-R Clinical Assistant Professor dfranco@luc.edu Susan Grossman, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 506 312.915.6456
sgrossm@luc.edu Dana K. Harmon, PhD, MSW, LICSW Clinical Associate Professor dharmon1@luc.edu Rana Hong, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S Research Assistant Professor Maguire Halls 402 A 312-915-7370
rhong1@luc.edu Brian L. Kelly, PhD Associate Professor Maguire Hall 520 312.915.7479
bkelly6@luc.edu Caleb Kim, Ph.D., MSW, MDiv. Associate Professor Maguire Hall 522 312.915.7554
ckim4@luc.edu Amy Krings, Ph.D., MSW Associate Professor Maguire Hall 530 312.915.7015
akrings@luc.edu Maribel Lopez Clinical Assistant Professor 312.915.7113
mlopez38@luc.edu Francisco J. Lozornio, DSW, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 412 flozornio@luc.edu Malcome, Marion, Ph.D., LCSW Assistant Professor 538 312.915-7597
mmalcome@luc.edu Ivan Medina Clinical Instructor Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7013
imedina@luc.edu Goutham M. Menon, PhD., MA., MBA. Professor Maguire Hall 416 312-915-6551
SSWDeanLUC@luc.edu John Orwat, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 518 312.915.7494
jorwat@luc.edu Nathan H. Perkins, PhD Assistant Professor Maguire Hall 526 312-915-7035
nperkins2@luc.edu Kate Phillippo, PhD, LCSW Professor, Schools of Social Work and Education (Joint Appointment) Maguire Hall, 430 312-915-6910
kphillippo@luc.edu Twitter : katephillippo Julia Pryce, PhD Professor
Associate Director, Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy Maguire Hall 544 312.915.7495
jpryce@luc.edu Abha Rai, Ph.D., MSW Associate Director, Center for Immigrant and Refugee Accompaniment 532 312-915-7289
arai4@luc.edu Guillermo Sanhueza, PhD, MSW Assistant Professor gsanhueza@luc.edu Shirley R. Simon Associate Professor Maguire Hall 568 312.915.7310
ssimon@luc.edu Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW Professor
Founder & Host of The Social Work Podcast Maguire Hall 503 312.915.7555
jsinger1@luc.edu Shweta Singh, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Author: The Making of Indian Woman Hood - Red Chilli Pickle and Moonlit Terraces and Hindi Poetry Mohabbat Mein Mae Se Maa Tak. Maguire Hall 562 312.915.7249
ssingh9@luc.edu Katherine Tyson McCrea, PhD Full Professor
PI, Empowering Counseling Program Maguire Hall 566 312.915.7028
ktyson@luc.edu Maria Vidal de Haymes, PhD Professor Director, Center for Immigrant & Refugee Accompaniment (CIRA)
Director of the Practice in Social Work Migration Studies Sub-Specialization Maguire Hall 564 312.915.7020
mvidal@luc.edu Maria V. Wathen, PhD Associate Professor Maguire Hall 558 312.915.7122
mwathen@luc.edu Marcy Wilroy, DSW Clinical Assistant Professor CADC Director Maguire Hall 5436 312.915.7375
mwilroy@luc.edu Terri Kilbane, PhD Associate Professor Maguire Hall 532 312.915.7026
tkilban@luc.edu Marta Lundy, PhD Professor Maguire Hall 560 312.915.7007
mlundy@luc.edu Doris Allen Office Assistant Maguire Hall 500A 312.915.7005
dallen@luc.edu Jennifer Bernecker, MEd Assistant Director for Academic Advising Maguire Hall 554 312.915.7038
jbernecker@luc.edu Mini Datta, MSW Assistant Director of Internships & Career Services 312-915-7713
mdatta@luc.edu Jodi Goode JD, MEd. Academic Advisor Maguire Hall. Room 548 312-915-7092
jgoode@luc.edu Caroline Gosselin Manager, Extension Education Maguire Hall 434 312.915.6977
cgosselin@luc.edu Jerome Overbeck, S.J. Chaplain 26 E. Pearson, 301A 312.915.7186
joverb2@luc.edu Sandy Peterson Internship Coordinator, Advanced Standing MSW Students
Field Program Outreach Coordinator 262-551-2126
speter8@luc.edu Richard L. Renfro Director of Loyola Community and Family Services Granada Center #302, LSC 773.508.3361