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School of Social Work

Journals & Editors

The following journals are produced by the School of Social Work and/or its faculty:


Praxis: Where Reflection & Practice Meet is the journal of the Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work. Established in 2000, Praxis is one of the few student-published social work journals in the country. The board of Praxis is comprised of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral social work students. The journal publishes the scholarly work of SSW students and alumni to provide a forum in which they can express their diverse viewpoints as well as learn from and be inspired by one another's ideas.

Call for papers for Praxis: The next submission deadline will be shared soon.

Journal of Poverty

The Journal of Poverty is a refereed journal designed to provide an outlet for discourse on poverty and inequality.

SSW Faculty Liaison: Maria Vidal de Haymes, Ph.D.

Illinois Child Welfare Journal

SSW Faculty Liaison: Katherine Tyson, Ph.D.