Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work



For information about SSW Commencement at Loyola University Chicago, visit LUC.edu/commencement/

Graduation Application Deadlines

Month of Degree Conferral December Degree Conferral May Degree Conferral August Degree Conferral
MSW Application Deadlines August 1 December 1 February 1

MSW Late Application Deadlines

August 15 December 15 February 15
BSW Application Deadlines March 3 October 1 October 1

BSW Late Application Deadlines

March 15 October 15 October 15

For more information, see Registration & Records.

MSW Application for Graduation

Students will need to complete all of the steps to be considered for matriculation at the end of the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Students must apply for graduation in LOCUS. Below are step by step instructions:

    1. Log into LOCUS
    2. Go to Academic Records
    3. Use the menu on the left to select ‘Apply for Graduation’
    4. Click the blue link that says ‘Apply for Graduation’
    5. Select your desired graduation term and press ‘Continue’
    6. Verify or update your name as it will appear on your diploma
    7. Verify or update your permanent address
    8. Leave thesis blank since that is not required for the MSW program
    9. Confirm or enter your prior degree information
    10. Indicate whether you will attend the graduation ceremony
    11. Press ‘Save Changes’
    12. Press ‘Continue'
    13. Press ‘Submit Application'


Dual-degree students- Students that are in a dual-degree (ex. WSGS, MJ, JD, SJ, etc.)  must apply separately for these additional programs.

To view your graduation status - If you are not sure if you already submitted your graduation application, or which term you applied for, you can check this information in LOCUS. Use the menu under Academic Records to select ‘view graduation status’.

To confirm Commencement participation - In February, you will receive an e-mail from the university asking you to confirm your participation in the ceremony. All students applying for graduation will receive the e-mail invitation. If you plan on attending, you must confirm by following the directions in the e-mail. For specific information related to the University’s Commencement Ceremony visit: www.luc.edu/commencement. The University only conducts one Commencement ceremony each academic year.