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Loyola University Chicago's School of Social Work is thrilled to announce a new $45,000 grant to train social work supervisors in northern Lake County. The Supervision Training and Education Program (STEP) is a collaborative effort with Adelphi University's Social Work Practice Fellows Program. The first cohort will begin in Spring 2024.

The grant will be used to build the skills and competencies of at least 24 recipients at healthcare and social service agencies/organizations using best practice supervision. Licensed Clinical Social Workers will be given priority when applying, but clinical supervisors in social service agencies are also eligible.

STEP-SWPF provides an intensive learning experience for supervisors over the course of 9 weeks for a total of 36 Continuing Education hours. Programming is in person located at the University Center of Lake County: 1200 University Center Drive, Grayslake, IL, 60030. Training will focus on:

  1. Advancing skills in individual and group supervision
  2. Supervision to advance knowledge of mental health and substance use challenges impacting individuals and families across the life course
  3. Trauma-informed supervision through a social justice lens
  4. Teaching and Implementing Self Care and Professional Resilience
  5. Supervision to advance knowledge of health challenges impacting individuals and families across the life course
  6. Teaching assessment and planning skills in work with individuals and families
  7. Furthering supervisors’ capacity to address performance and organizational challenges

More information and a link to apply can be found here.

Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Fall 2024 Cohort

The School of Social Work is accepting applications for the Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Fall 2024 cohort. This immersive year-long professional development certificate program provides licensed practitioners and clinical supervisors the training needed to expand and update clinical skills, enrich care provided to clients, and enhance one’s overall practice. The framework incorporates multiple theoretical disciplines and offers a method of case conceptualization that includes various listening and intervention techniques from a variety of treatment approaches. Comprised of three learning formats (on-site residency, virtual small-group consultation, and webinars) the program enables participants to continue their daily professional practices while earning this Advanced Psychotherapy Certificate.

The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor 72 hours continuing education for psychologists. ​Social workers licensed in the state of Illinois receive 72 hours of credit through Loyola University School of Social Work. Social Workers licensed outside of Illinois should check with their state licensing board to determine where CE credits approved by the APA and/or the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) are accepted. For more information, visit The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy website or contact Katelyn Tippett at ktippett@luc-iap.com or Terry Northcut at tnorthc@luc.edu.

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‌Spring 2024 CEU Programming


The Spring 2024 Group Work Series: February 16-April 13

The Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work is proud to announce the Group Work Spring 2024 Continuing Education Series. With industry-leading experts guiding the way, this series aims to enhance the skills and expertise of anyone who works with groups. Group work remains a common dynamic for social workers, educators, administrators, and millions of other workers across the country. There is a 20% discount for anyone who registers for three or more sessions and scholarships are potentially available upon inquiry.


Knowing Women From Collectivist Cultures: Focus on South Asian Women and Girls: March 15, April 19

The School of Social Work announces a new Four-Part continuing education series titled Knowing Women from Collectivist Cultures: Focus on South Asian Women and Girls. Curated by Associate Professor Shweta Singh, M.S.W., L.S.W., Ph.D., Director of Empowering Women Certificate Program, this education series explores unique challenges, identities, cultures, and strengths of working women from emerging economies, with a focus on the Indian Sub-Continent or South Asia.  The participatory workshops are delivered in FIVE sessions.   Each session offers a comparison between Women who belong to developing economies and collectivist cultures.


Advancing Psychotherapy:  How and Why to Advocate for Depth Therapies: Collaboration with The Institute of Advanced Psychotherapy and PsIAN (The Psychotherapy Action Network): March 15

            As mental health topics have become part of mainstream public discourse, it is increasingly important for clinicians to have the knowledge and tools to advocate for access to quality therapies of depth, insight, and relationship amidst a proliferation of quick fix or spurious alternatives. In this 3-hour seminar, presenters will equip participants to effectively advocate for depth psychotherapies from multiple perspectives, including scientifically and institutionally, from a marketing and public relations standpoint, and through an administrative and advocacy lens. In the first part of the seminar, Dr. Passi will discuss the topic of evidence-based practice in psychotherapy. She will critically evaluate how psychodynamic approaches measure up to “gold standard” CBT approaches, as well as how polarized perspectives on these issues may play out institutionally. Dr. Michaels will present her original market research on public perceptions of psychotherapy. Based on both qualitative and quantitative data, Dr. Michaels will share key insights on how messaging or visibility might be geared to engage the public more effectively, including lessons learned about the attitudes and expectations people have towards therapy, which benefits matter most, what their misperceptions and biases are, and what they know and don’t know about mental health and therapy. Finally, Dr. Gallagher will discuss issues related to mental health parity, access to care, and insurance reimbursement.


Internship Supervisor Appreciation Lunch: April 19


Topics in Suicidology: May 10


Arts Based CEU Series: May 14, 15, and 20


Please contact Caroline Gosselin at cgosselin@luc.edu for more information




 Cancellation Policy:

Participants must cancel prior to five business days of the workshop date in order to receive a refund.