Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Professional Certificates

Loyola’s School of Social Work was founded in 1914. Throughout its history, the School has been has been dedicated to clinical social work and has prepared career-minded students through scholarship and developing direct practice skills.
Loyola offers professional development for social workers and other human service workers. Our certificate programs provide an opportunity for graduate-degreed professionals to advance their careers in specialized areas of practice.


Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling (CADC)
This program prepares mental health professionals to become Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselors (CADC). With this credential, you will be better equipped to serve clients with substance abuse issues. The program is certified by the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc. (IAODAPCA). The program is ideal for social workers in child welfare, mental health, and health who are looking to expand their skill set and marketability.

Program Structure

  • The degree offers full-time enrollment
    - Average time to completion: 1 year

The program consists of three graduate-level courses (a foundation course, a clinical practice course, a group practice with substance abusers course) and a required 500-hour supervised internship.

A master’s degree in social work, counseling, or similar helping profession is required. Applicants must also have completed 125 hours of generalist (theory and practice) mental health training.

Internships/research opportunities
As part of the program, you will complete 500 hours of supervised fieldwork.



This online program equips mental health professionals to better affect positive psychosocial development in their students. You learn to foster greater collaboration between schools and families, implement strength-based interventions, advocate for whole-school interventions, and become more data driven  and evidence-informed.
The program is ideal for social workers and other school mental health professionals at Illinois Public Schools who want to improve their earning potential.

Program Structure

  • The degree offers part- or full-time enrollment
    - Average time to completion (full-time): 2 years
    - Average time to completion (part-time): up to 5 years maximum
  • All courses are offered online

This program consists of 15 credit hours, including two synchronous courses, two asynchronous online courses, and one hybrid elective class.

Loyola University Chicago is an equal opportunity educator/employer. 

An MSW or master’s degree (MA in school counseling, school psychology, or other counseling degree) is required, along with current employment in a school-based setting.



Loyola’s Certificate in Non-Profit Management and Philanthropy will help you build management and leadership skills in the non-profit sector. You’ll learn to address community needs and social justice concerns as well as build an understanding of the role that philanthropy plays in public policy and societal change.
The program is ideal for professionals interested in leading organizations, communities, and public policy sectors.

Program Structure

  • The degree offers part-time enrollment
    - Average time to completion (part-time): 1 year
  • Some online courses are available

This program consists of three courses focusing on non-profit organizations, philanthropic policy and community change, and an internship or independent study.

Bachelor’s degree with significant non-profit experience or a master’s degree.

Internships/research opportunities
You will complete an internship or independent study within the non-profit management and philanthropy field.


This program is for those who have an MSW degree from an accredited school of social work and who are seeking an endorsement as a school social worker in Illinois.
Graduates of this program are prepared for licensure as a school social worker in Illinois.

Program Structure

  • The degree offers part-time enrollment
    - Average time to completion (part-time): 1 year

The program requires a minimum of two courses and a supervised placement in an approved Illinois public school.

An MSW degree is required for admission. You must also pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or the State approved ACT/SAT test scores substitution prior to starting the program.

You will complete a supervised externship in an approved school.


Our faculty have a wide variety of clinical and policy-based research interests, including school social work, mental health, health care, children & families, leadership & development, migration & immigration, gerontology, and many others.
Many faculty conduct their own private practice with clients in addition to their Loyola position.