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Loyola SSW attends inaugural CRISP Political Bootcamp

Loyola SSW attends inaugural CRISP Political Bootcamp

In July 2017, Loyola School of Social Work sponsored Assistant Professor Amy Krings and three leaders of the School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO) - Meagan Tomasiewicz, LaDonna Miller, and Megan Ammer - to attend a three-day intensive training on political social work.  The training, which was sponsored by the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy, provided participants with skills and confidence necessary to engage in electoral and issue politics.  Trainers included key staff from the campaigns to elect President Barack Obama as well as former Congressman Ed Towns, a founder of the Congressional Social Work Caucus

​According to MSW students Meagan Tomasiewicz, LaDonna Miller, and Megan Ammer:

"Participating in the inaugural year of CRISP allowed us to learn of potential contributions social workers can make for large-scale policy, in political office, and as campaign forerunners. But, the inaugural year also gave us space for a critical analysis of the systems involved in politics, their reliance of structures, and how social work fits in with politics.

Ultimately, the experience was a confidence booster for participating social workers. Nearly every presenter and planning committee member maintained a desire to have more social workers run for office, manage campaigns, and contribute to policy formation.

Any doubts of our capability to run for office have been replaced with a feeling of empowerment because of our experience at CRISP."