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Department of Sociology

Current Graduate Students

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PhD Candidates 

Soulit Chacko

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: gender & families, international migration, citizenship, race & ethnicity, and transnational feminism 

Dissertation Title: Immigrant Women in the Ethnic Beauty Salon Business

Email: schacko1@luc.edu

Christopher Duncan

Advisor: Judson Everitt, PhD & Anne Figert, PhD

Dissertation Title: The Inhabited School in the Era of Accountability

Email: cduncan2@luc.edu

Catherine Gillis

Advisor: Phillip Nyden, PhD

Research Interests: Urban studies, social inequality, housing and social welfare policy, community organizations

Dissertation Title: Conceptualizing “Productive Use”: Dominant Narratives and Alternative Visions of Land Use in Detroit

Email: cgillis@luc.edu

Nathalia Hernandez Vidal

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Dissertation Title: Community Knowledge and Political Mobilization: A study of La Red de Semillas Libres de Colombia

Email: nhernandezvidal@luc.edu

Joseph Renow

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Dissertation Title: Grounding Science: A Study of Place-Making at an Archeological Research Site

Email: jrenow@luc.edu

Joel Ritsema

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Dissertation Title: Paradise for Whom?: Lifestyle Migration Discourse in the Caribbean

Email: jritsema@luc.edu

Steven Sacco

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Research Interests: Economic sociology, sociology of science and technology, organizational sociology

Dissertation Title: Computer Fabricated/Hand Made: Kit Boats and the Evolution of Production and Consumption

Email: ssacco@luc.edu

Serhan Tanriverdi

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Islam and Muslims in the West, human rights & social justice, sociology of religion, political sociology, & qualitative research methods

Dissertation Title: New Reformist Voices of Islam: American Muslim Intellectuals’ Quest for Justice, Liberty, and Equity

Email: stanriverdi@luc.edu

Steven Tuttle

Advisor: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD

Research Interests: Urban sociology, race and ethnicity, gentrification, race and space, segregation and diversity, culture, mass media

Dissertation Title: Storefront: Local Businesses Acting Locally in Two Chicago Neighborhoods

Email: stuttle2@luc.edu

Cameron Williams

Advisor: Ayana Karanja, PhD

Research Interests: Race and ethnicity; public policy; criminal justice, law and society; teaching and learning; social change; critical race theory; global and transnational sociology; qualitative methods

Dissertation Title: Saving Place: Racial Interactions in Public Housing and in the Campaign to Save a Community in Chicago

Email: cwilliams22@luc.edu

Kyle Woolley

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Research Interests: political sociology, social movements, families, development, globalization, Latin America, urban marginality with a focus on the politics of water in informal urban settlements in the Global South

Dissertation Title: Spaces of Liberation: Women's Activism in Lima, Peru

Email: kwoolley@luc.edu

Sean Young

Advisor: Phillip Nyden, PhD

Research Interests: Public and applied sociology, urban theory, social movements, housing and gentrification, collaborative community based research, political sociology, sociology of culture and media, race/ethnicity

Dissertation Title: Pathways For Democracy: Organizational and Individual Impacts of Community Organizing

Email: syoung@luc.edu


PhD Students

Ashely Baber

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Stratification and Inequality, Labor Markets, The "Gig" Economy, Political-Economy of Urban Education

Email: ababer@luc.edu

William Burr

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Organizational Behavior; Organizations & Institutions; Institutional Logics; and Corporate Culture in the United States since 1980

Email: wburr@luc.edu

Joseph Butler

Advisor: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD

Email: jbutler2@luc.edu

Michelle Dodson

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: mdodson@luc.edu

Bilal Hussain

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Race and Ethnic Relations, Sociology of Religion, Islam and Muslim-Americans

Email: bhussain1@luc.edu

Stephanie Jean-Baptiste

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: sjeanbaptiste@luc.edu

Melissa Kinsella

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Research Interests: Gender and sexuality, sociology of violence, social policy

Email: mkinsella1@luc.edu

Skky Martin

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Email: smartin16@luc.edu

Julia Mendes

Advisor: Helena Dagadu, PhD

Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration and Migration, Gender, Sociology of the Body

Email: jmendes@luc.edu

Travis Moody

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity

Email: tmoody1@luc.edu

Keyla Navarrete

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: higher education, stratification, race/ethnicity, public opinion, public policy, poverty, law and society, gender, and sex ratios

Email: knavarrete1@luc.edu

Richard Rodriguez

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: rrodriguez7@luc.edu

John Henry Sienkiewicz III

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: labor, urban sociology, and public sociology

Email: jsienkiewicz1@luc.edu

Leslie Erin Watland

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Gender/Sexuality, LGBTQ, Sociology of Higher Education, Sociology of Violence, Policy Studies

Email: lwatland@luc.edu

Quintin Williams

Advisor: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD

Research Interests: Race/ethnicity, religion in politics, political culture, medical sociology

Email: qwilliams@luc.edu

Ryan SC Wong

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, social theory, deviant and delinquent

Email: rwong1@luc.edu

Fatema Zohara

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: fzohara@luc.edu


MA Students 

Sylvia Acosta Chavez

Research Interests: Human Rights, Immigration, Culture, Stratification and Inequality, Mixed Methods Research

Email: sacostachavez@luc.edu

Marsha DeVolt

Email: mdevolt@luc.edu

Jinjin Du

Research Interests: Urban Sociology; Public and Applied Sociology; Housing, Community Development, and Neighborhood Change

Email: jdu5@luc.edu

Lynsey Ellingwood

Email: lellingwood@luc.edu

Jaspreet Kaur

Email: jkaur@luc.edu

Jessica Ordinario

Email: ordinario@luc.edu

Matthew Pink

Research Interests: social interactions between differing religious organizations, and more specifically, between religious institutions and those designated as "Non-believers"

Email: mpink@luc.edu

Vanessa Rangel

Research Interests: Womxn & Gender studies, Latinx Studies, social inequality and policy implications

Email: vrangel@luc.edu

Monica A. Reyna

Research Interests: sociology of knowledge, cultural sociology, political sociology and social science research methods

Email: mreyna1@luc.edu

Joshua Turner

Research Interests: Sex, gender, sexuality, race

Email: Jturner9@luc.edu


BA/MA Students

Alexander James Baker

Email: abaker4@luc.edu

Yasmeen Khayr

Research Interests: sociology of religion and culture, applied sociology

Email: ykhayr@luc.edu

Silvia Valadez

Email: svaladez@luc.edu