Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Current Graduate Students

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PhD Candidates 

Melissa Kinsella

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Research Interests: Sociology of Gender; Sociology of Masculinities; Medical Sociology; Qualitative Methodology  

Dissertation Title: A “Scary Time” to Be a Man? Comparing Men’s Engagement with Sexual Violence and Anti-Sexual Violence Discourses in the Private and Public Spheres 

Email: mkinsella1@luc.edu 

Dana LaVergne

Advisor: Dana Garbarski, PhD

Research Interests: Medical Sociology; Embodiment; Gender and Sexuality; Qualitative Sociology   

Dissertation Title: "Buying Time or Doing Harm?”:  Tracing Contestation and Consensus in Debates on Puberty Blockers for Trans Youth

Email: dlavergne@luc.edu 

Christopher Hansen

Advisor: Dana Garbarski, PhD

Research Interests: Survey Methodology; Sexual and Gender Minority Population Research; Sex, Gender, and Sexuality; Race and Ethnicity  

Dissertation Title: Measuring gender diversity in U.S. adolescents: exploring multidimensional survey measurement with a national sample of adolescent-parent dyads

Email: chansen6@luc.edu

PhD Students

Betsi Burns

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: bburns4@luc.edu

Joseph Butler

Advisor: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD

Email: jbutler2@luc.edu

Ahmet Ciftcioglu

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: aciftcioglu@luc.edu

Michelle Dodson

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: mdodson@luc.edu

Stacey Jaksa

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: sjaksa@luc.edu

Stephanie Jean-Baptiste

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: sjeanbaptiste@luc.edu

Moriah Johnson

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Race & Ethnicity, Gender & Sexuality, Intersectionality, Social Policy and Visual Sociology 

Email: mjohnson58@luc.edu

Skky Martin

Advisor: Dana Garbarski, PhD

Research Interests: Medical sociology, sociology of education, medical education, health professionals, health disparities, health equity, race and ethnicity, and public health systems

Email: smartin16@luc.edu

Travis Moody

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Race & Ethnicity

Email: tmoody1@luc.edu

Keyla Navarrete

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Higher Education, Stratification, Race & Ethnicity, Public Opinion, Public Policy, Poverty, Law & Society, Gender, and Sex Ratios

Email: knavarrete1@luc.edu

Camillus Njoku

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: onjoku@luc.edu

Tori Olson

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: tolson9@luc.edu

Kajal Patel

        Email: kpatel54@luc.edu

Lillian Platten

        Email: lplatten@luc.edu

Richard Rodriguez

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: rrodriguez7@luc.edu

John Henry Sienkiewicz III

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Precarious labor, social movements, and organizations.

Email: jsienkiewicz1@luc.edu

Julie Szamocki

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email:  jszamocki@luc.edu

Samir Talati

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: ftalati@luc.edu

Sarah Thorngate

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: sthorngate@luc.edu

Juanita Vivas

Advisor: Dana Garbarski, PhD

Email: jvivas1@luc.edu

Leslie Erin Watland

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Gender & Sexuality, LGBTQ, Sociology of Higher Education, Sociology of Violence, and Policy Studies

Email: lwatland@luc.edu

Ryan SC Wong

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, Social Theory, and Deviant & Delinquent


Email: rwong1@luc.edu

Eyyup Yilmaz

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: eyilmaz@luc.edu

Fatema Zohara

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: International Migration, Immigration & Policy, Sociology of Religion, South Asian Culture & Identity, Colonialism, Race & Ethnicity, and Qualitative Methods

 Email: fzohara@luc.edu


MA Students 

Yashfeen Agha

Email: yagha@luc.edu

Leah Allen

Email: lallen3@luc.edu

Kathryn Battafarano

Email: kbattafarano@luc.edu

Phoebe Jackson

Email: pjackson8@luc.edu

Bao-Tran Nguyen

Email: bnguyen10@luc.edu

S Khadija Quadri

Email: squadri3@luc.edu

Madelyn Shoemaker

Email: mshoemaker2@luc.edu

Robert Stevenson

Email: rstevenson2@luc.edu

Maleyne Vazquez

Email: mvazquez6@luc.edu

Connor Wood

Email: cwood15@luc.edu

Maxwell Xu

Email: mxu9@luc.edu

BA/MA Students 

Areeba Ali

Email: aali@luc.edu

Kaitlin Jones

Email: kjones6@luc.edu

Maggie Jones

Email: mjones34@luc.edu

Benjamin Stringer

Email: bstringer@luc.edu

Austin Wonder

Email: awonder@luc.edu