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Current Graduate Students

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PhD Candidates 

William Byrnes

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: sociology of race and ethnicity, political sociology, mass incarceration, neoliberalism, poverty and inequality. Bill's current research focuses on middle-class experiences with mass incarceration and the racial state.

Dissertation Title: The Black Middle-Class and Mass Incarceration

Email: wbyrnes@luc.edu

Soulit Chacko

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: gender & families, international migration, citizenship, race & ethnicity, and transnational feminism 

Dissertation Title: Immigrant Women in the Ethnic Beauty Salon Business

Email: schacko1@luc.edu

Jennifer Cossyleon

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Research Interests: collective behavior, race, gender, and class, social policy, and family. Through an intersectional lens, my dissertation studies how parents, primarily Black and Latina mothers and grandmothers, participate and experience an understudied family-focused grassroots model of community organizing for social change in Chicago. My research is uncovering the many ways in which community organizing shapes gendered family life and the importance of recognizing organizing impacts beyond publicly stated organizational goals. This work informs discussions of how we can increase and support the democratic participation of immigrant and communities of color.

Dissertation Title: "Hear Us, See Us!”: How Mothers of Color Transform Family and Community Relationships through Grassroots Collective Action

Email: jcossyleon@luc.edu

Beth L. Dougherty

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Religion, ritual, embodiment, symbolic interaction, gender, politics, and technology. Beth’s dissertation examines the relationship between sensory narratives and religious experience, with a focus on the social elements of bodily meaning-making.

Dissertation Title: “Can you feel the spirit?" Towards a sensory sociology of religious experience

Email: bdougherty1@luc.edu

Christopher Duncan

Advisor: Judson Everitt, PhD & Anne Figert, PhD

Dissertation Title: The Inhabited School in the Era of Accountability

Email: cduncan2@luc.edu

Catherine Gillis

Advisor: Phillip Nyden, PhD

Research Interests: Urban studies, social inequality, housing and social welfare policy, community organizations

Dissertation Title: Conceptualizing “Productive Use”: Dominant Narratives and Alternative Visions of Land Use in Detroit

Email: cgillis@luc.edu

Nathalia Hernandez Vidal

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Dissertation Title: Community Knowledge and Political Mobilization: A study of La Red de Semillas Libres de Colombia

Email: nhernandezvidal@luc.edu

Joel Ritsema

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Dissertation Title: Paradise for Whom?: Lifestyle Migration Discourse in the Caribbean

Email: jritsema@luc.edu

Steven Sacco

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Research Interests: Economic sociology, sociology of science and technology, organizational sociology

Dissertation Title: Computer Fabricated/Hand Made: Kit Boats and the Evolution of Production and Consumption

Email: ssacco@luc.edu

Serhan Tanriverdi

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, Qualitative Research Methods, Islam and Muslims in the West 

Dissertation Title: The New Voices of Islam: American Muslim Intellectuals

Email: stanriverdi@luc.edu

Steven Tuttle

Advisor: Phillip Nyden, PhD

Research Interests: Urban sociology, race/ethnicity, inequality, culture and media

Dissertation Title: Storefront: Local Businesses Acting Locally in Two Chicago Neighborhoods

Email: stuttle2@luc.edu

Cameron Williams

Advisor: Ayana Karanja, PhD

Research Interests: Race/ethnicity, urban housing, stratification, black masculinity

Dissertation Title: The Contested Community: An Analysis of the Lathrop Homes Preservation Campaign

Email: cwilliams22@luc.edu

Kyle Woolley

Advisor: Kelly Moore, PhD

Research Interests: political sociology, social movements, families, development, globalization, Latin America, urban marginality with a focus on the politics of water in informal urban settlements in the Global South

Dissertation Title: Spaces of Liberation: Women's Activism in Lima, Peru

Email: kwoolley@luc.edu

Sean Young

Advisor: Phillip Nyden, PhD

Research Interests: Public and applied sociology, urban theory, social movements, housing and gentrification, collaborative community based research, political sociology, sociology of culture and media, race/ethnicity

Dissertation Title: Pathways For Democracy: Organizational and Individual Impacts of Community Organizing

Email: syoung@luc.edu


PhD Students

Ashely Baber

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Political Sociology and Political Economy. More specifically, I am interested in changing urban landscapes and the intersection of labor informality and public space.

Email: ababer@luc.edu

Christine Breit

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Urban Sociology; Public and Applied Sociology; Housing, Community Development, and Neighborhood Change

Email: cbreit@luc.edu

William Burr

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Political economy

Email: wburr@luc.edu

Joseph Butler

Advisor: Peter Rosenblatt, PhD

Email: jbutler2@luc.edu

Michelle Dodson

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: mdodson@luc.edu

William Drust

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Research Interests: medical sociology, science and technology studies (STS), and qualitative methods

Email: wdrust@luc.edu

Bilal Hussain

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Race and ethnic relations, sociology of religion, racial and religious identity

Email: bhussain1@luc.edu

Stephanie Jean-Baptiste

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: sjeanbaptiste@luc.edu

Melissa Kinsella

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Research Interests: Gender and sexuality, sociology of violence, social policy

Email: mkinsella1@luc.edu

Skky Martin

Advisor: Anne Figert, PhD

Email: smartin16@luc.edu

Julia Mendes

Advisor: Helena Dagadu, PhD

Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration and Migration, Gender, Sociology of the Body

Email: jmendes@luc.edu

Richard Rodriguez

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Email: rrodriguez7@luc.edu

John Henry Sienkiewicz III

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: labor, urban sociology, and public sociology

Email: jsienkiewicz1@luc.edu

Leslie Erin Watland

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Gender/Sexuality, LGBTQ, Sociology of Higher Education, Sociology of Violence, Policy Studies

Email: lwatland@luc.edu

Quintin Williams

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Research Interests: Race/ethnicity, religion in politics, political culture, medical sociology

Email: qwilliams@luc.edu

Ryan SC Wong

Advisor: Marilyn Krogh, PhD

Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, social theory, deviant and delinquent

Email: rwong1@luc.edu

Fatema Zohara

Advisor: Rhys Williams, PhD

Email: fzohara@luc.edu


MA Students 

Sylvia Acosta Chavez

Research Interests: Human Rights, Immigration, Culture, Stratification and Inequality, Mixed Methods Research

Email: sacostachavez@luc.edu

Megan Daly

Research Interests: Families, social psychology, education

Email: mdaly3@luc.edu

Jinjin Du

Research Interests: Urban Sociology; Public and Applied Sociology; Housing, Community Development, and Neighborhood Change

Email: jdu5@luc.edu

Lynsey Ellingwood

Email: lellingwood@luc.edu

Jaspreet Kaur

Email: jkaur@luc.edu

Dana LaVergne

Research Interests: Gender, sexuality, and medical sociology

Thesis Title: Queer Women Navigating Experience with Health Care Providers and Contraception

Email: dlavergne@luc.edu

Jessica Ordinario

Email: ordinario@luc.edu

Monica A. Reyna

Research Interests: sociology of knowledge, cultural sociology, political sociology and social science research methods

Email: mreyna1@luc.edu

Brittany Terry

Research Interests: affordable housing, homelessness, race relations, urban studies

Thesis Title: That Bitch! The Depiction of Black Women through Film Media

Email: bterry1@luc.edu

Sarah Thorngate, Sarah

Research Interests: religion, education, culture, class, and social theory

Thesis Title: Social Class and the Liberal Arts

Email: sthorngate@luc.edu

Joshua Turner

Research Interests: Sex, gender, sexuality, race

Email: Jturner9@luc.edu


BA/MA Students

Alexander James Baker

Email: abaker4@luc.edu

Yasmeen Khayr

Email: ykhayr@luc.edu

Silvia Valadez

Email: svaladez@luc.edu