Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Health in Society Concentration

The “Health in Society” Concentration gives students a broad background in the discipline overall while allowing students to focus their coursework on the substantive areas of healthcare institutions, medical sociology, and the social sources of health-related inequalities, including attention to race, ethnicity, gender, and social class. The Health in Society Concentration is well suited for students interested in a broad range of careers and courses of graduate study in health-related fields, including: medical school, medicine, and other careers in medical care (terrific MCAT prep); healthcare administration and healthcare policy; graduate study in medical sociology and/or gerontology; graduate study and careers in counseling; advocacy and/or non-profit work focused on populations facing health-based risks and inequalities both in the U.S. and overseas.

Need one from each cell; *indicates courses that are infrequently offered; +indicates experiential learning.


SOCL 101

Society in a Global Age

Health care

SOCL 225

Sociology of Health Care

Race, ethnicity, gender

SOCL 122

SOCL 171

SOCL 210

SOCL 228*

Race and Ethnic Relations

Sociology of Sex and Gender

Men, Women, and Work

Sociology of African American Experience

Life course

SOCL 220*

SOCL 221*

SOCL 230

SOCL 231*

SOCL 236

SOCL 240

Topics in the Life Cycle

Aging in Culture and Society

Self and Society (Social Psych)

Childhood and Society

Birth, Work, Marriage, Death


Poverty and inequality

SOCL 222

SOCL 250

SOCL 252

Poverty and Welfare in America

Inequality in Society

Global Inequalities

Sociology of science or special topics in health

SOCL 120

SOCL 226

SOCL 270

SOCL 272

SOCL 276

SOCL 280

SOCL 370

SOCL 370

SOCL 380+

Social Problems: Inequalities in Health

Science, Technology, and Society

Sociology of Science

Environmental Sociology

Sociology and the Politics of Food

Topics in Contemporary Sociology

Global Health

Health, Medicine, and Society

Internship in Sociology