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Minor in Sociology

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Sociology Minor Requirements

In choosing elective courses in their undergraduate program, students may wish to take a minor sequence in Sociology. They may do this by completing five courses in Sociology in addition to 101 (or its equivalent).

Students who minor in Sociology are advised to choose electives with some focus in mind (e.g., law and urban problems, organizations and industry, social policy) and to consult the Department Chairperson or the Department's Undergraduate Director in deciding which electives to take. Only one semester of Sociology 371 and only one 120 course in addition to Soc 101 (or its equivalent) can count for the minor. Any courses taken for a minor in Sociology may be applied to the Department's major requirements, if the student should decide to take sociology as a major. In completing minor requirements, only three courses (nine semester credit hours) will be accepted in transfer from other colleges and universities. Sociology Minor Checklist