Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Degree in Sociology

  • Critical Thinking - demonstrate the ability to analyze and evaluate multiple and competing social, political, and/or cultural arguments.
  • Sociological Imagination - the ability to articulate and evaluate how individual biographies are shaped by social structures, social institutions, cultural routines, and multiple of elements of social difference and/or inequality.
  • Communication - the ability to formulate effective and convincing written and verbal arguments.
  • Diversity – an awareness of how people of different cultural, religious, and political belief systems interpret the world around them through those beliefs.
  • Sociological Theory - the ability to use and evaluate both classical and contemporary perspectives in sociological theory.
  • Methodology - the ability to interpret and evaluate several of the major social science research methodologies, as well as the relationship between research questions and appropriate methods.
  • Substantive Areas - the ability to demonstrate knowledge of multiple key substantive areas within the field of sociology and evaluate competing perspectives.
  • Social Justice in the Jesuit Tradition - the ability to articulate and evaluate how sociological insights should inform a commitment to social justice.