Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

February 2016

David Treering

Title/s:  Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Email: dgoldb2@luc.edu


Department/School/Division: Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Campus: Lake Shore Campus
Years at Loyola: 10

What is your favorite thing about working at Loyola?
I love that we get to reinvent everything periodically. From pushing the limits of science with new discoveries and finding elegant technical fixes, to the day to day operational issues, to serving a unique cohort of students every four years, this job is always becoming something new.

What is your most memorable achievement as a Loyola employee?
Since I’m a staff member, getting my first paper published as a co-author working with faculty researchers was a really exciting accomplishment. I’ve since contributed to many more scholarly publications, developing and writing the technical methods for spatial analysis and mapping.

What does Loyola's mission mean to you?
The part of the University mission that always sticks with me is “working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity.” I feel like what we do here has the potential to change the world.

What motivates you to succeed each and every day?
I enjoy helping people answer interesting questions, make better decisions, and solve tough problems. It is that spirit of curiosity that keeps me motivated.

Tell us how you show your Rambler pride.
I represent Loyola by membership and leadership in a number of external professional interest groups, like “Chicago GIS in Public Health” group and “Chicago Conservation GIS” group.

Tell us something most people at Loyola would be surprised to know about you.
I make beautiful maps for a living but sitting in the passenger seat of a car, I’m actually a terrible navigator.