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Graduate Programs Expansion

New graduate program offerings from Loyola’s School of Education include:

The MEd in Organizational Evaluation is designed to prepare future organization leaders to improve an institution’s overall performance through the understanding and use of systematic data collection and evaluation.

The MEd in International Higher Education will provide students with deep knowledge of the changing landscape of higher education globally and will prepare them to work in multiple areas including higher education policy, administration, international student affairs and study abroad.

The MEd is English Language Teaching and Learning provides students with extensive knowledge and skills to meet the needs of linguistically diverse students in multiple contexts.

The Educational Specialist Degree in Clinical Mental Health prepares professionals who are knowledgeable about cultural influences on human development and who can meet client concerns from diverse cultural perspectives. A central goal of the program is to prepare culturally sensitive practitioners who, regardless of the setting, base their practices on scholarly inquiry.

The Doctor of Education in School Psychologist is designed for practicing school psychologists who wish to advance their careers through the pursuit of a targeted doctoral degree. The program will have an emphasis on developing students’ ability to: 1) think systemically, 2) develop their leadership potential, 3) access and implement evidence-based practices, and 4) further one’s capacity as an agent of social justice.

Principal Preparation - In partnership with the Chicago Public Schools and the Office of Catholic Schools, Loyola’s Principal Preparation program was collaboratively designed to ensure that candidates acquire a foundation of educational leadership, teaching and learning, research, data analysis, and community perspectives. Two options are available, the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership for practicing Archdiocesan Chicago teachers and the Doctor of Education in Administration and Supervision for selected Assistant Principals in Chicago Public Schools.