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Office of Sustainability

Sustainability at Loyola is driven by our Jesuit tradition of social justice, our service to humanity, and our role as an institution of higher education. It is embodied in an educational experience for our students and activities that seek to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are committed to an inclusive process considering social, economic, and environmental impacts and exemplified in a transformative education for our students. 

The goal of the Office of Sustainability at Loyola is to support the faculty, staff, students, and alumni in making the University a leader in the Chicago region and internationally among Jesuit institutions. Loyola University Chicago is embracing sustainability through our campuses, curriculum, and community. 

Sustainability across Loyola

Academic and research integration is a cornerstone of sustainability efforts at Loyola. It is our societal obligation and commitment to our students that they graduate with a deep understanding of environmental issues and their personal responsibilities to respond.

  • 64% of academic departments offer at least one sustainability course
  • 19.5% of students graduate with a degree that comes with a sustainability-related learning outcome in its core requirements
  • 81% of academic departments have a sustainability researcher
  • 10.8% of researchers incorporate sustainability into their research

Learn more about the School of Environmental Sustainability's academic programs.

Our Community

Loyola student harvests produce inside of greenhouse

Sustainability at Loyola

At Loyola University Chicago, sustainability is not trending. Sustainability is a living, dynamic, integral part of our Jesuit mission. Discover why we're one of the nation's greenest.

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Students test water capacity in soils at the School for Environmental Sustainability

The Urgency of Climate Action

On July 14, 2020, more than 200 leaders from across Chicago joined us for the Urgency of Climate Action. Together, we explored the role of cities, organizations, and corporations in addressing climate change.

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Students test water capacity in soils at the School for Environmental Sustainability on Loyola's Lake Shore Campus

How Loyola continues to practice sustainability through Covid-19

Director of Sustainability, Aaron Durnbaugh, speaks on how sustainability has remained a priority for Loyola through the pandemic.

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Sustainability at Loyola

While our School of Environmental Sustainability leads the way in training students for lifelong, rewarding careers across fields and industries—every campus at Loyola is dedicated to bringing green-thinking to the forefront. Discover why we're one of the nation's greenest.

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