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Environment and Society

Environment and Society

The intersecting crises of ecological destruction and social injustice result from environmentally neglectful economies, policies, legal systems, cultural mores, and values. This group seeks to understand these crises and, with this knowledge, build more sustainable societies. The faculty members' teaching and research give students the analytical tools and practical skills needed to answer vital questions and join in creating a more just and sustainable world.

At Loyola University Chicago, sustainability is not trending. Sustainability is a living, dynamic, integral part of our Jesuit mission.

Our Programs and Faculty

Related Degrees and Certifications

Learn more about all degrees, minors, and certifications available within SES.

Faculty and Staff

  • Lopa Chakraborti
  • Megan Conway
  • Mary Dinsmore
  • Rachel Elfant
  • Ben Johnson
  • Reuben Keller
  • Jory Kleemann
  • Linda Kurtos
  • Max Melstrom
  • Gilbert Michaud
  • Stephen Mitten
  • Mike Schuck
  • Tania Schusler
  • Zach Waickman
  • Yanning Wei
  • Bo Zhang


  • GIS Lab
  • Searle Biodiesel Lab

Learn more about our research facilities.

Community Impact

student in lab pours cooking oil into large drum

Waste makes haste

Loyola's biodiesel program has been a permanent fixture for over a decade and caught the attention of the EPA, earning it a Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award in 2015. Learn how used cooking oil becomes bus fuel.

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headshot loyola student kevin white
Student Spotlight

Embracing the sciences

A student-athlete and an undergraduate researcher at the highest level found his calling with three majors focused on sustainability.

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Urban portrait of tania schusler
Problem Solvers

The anti-gentrifiers

Not all parks are created equal—Loyola researchers are investigating the tricky balance between urban greening and displacement.

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Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

SES Undergraduate Research Fellowships allow students to focus on a biodiversity project researched at Loyola’s Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC). Learn more about this opportunity and the application process.

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Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate students have an opportunity to apply as an Alfred H. Baum Family Graduate Research Scholar to fund and explore the intersecting crises of ecological destruction, social injustice, legal systems, and policies.

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Student Internships and Jobs

The School of Environmental Sustainability provides hands-on internship opportunities for students to get deeply involved in our environmental initiatives.

Other Focus Areas