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Human activities have created one of the most dramatic extinction events in Earth's history. Biodiversity loss leads to the collapse of food webs and ecosystem function and impacts human health and well-being. Our researchers examine the drivers of biodiversity loss and develop strategies for conserving and restoring biodiversity through basic and applied research, habitat management, teaching, and community partnerships.

Biodiversity encompasses species diversity, ecological diversity, and genetic diversity.

Our Programs and Faculty

Faculty and Staff

  • Andrew Casper
  • Carter Cranberg
  • Mary Dinsmore
  • Rachel Egly
  • Rachel Elfant
  • Ray Dybzinski
  • Ping Jing
  • Reuben Keller
  • Shane Lishawa
  • Steve Mitten
  • Drew Monks
  • Brian Ohsowski
  • Chris Peterson
  • Tania Schusler


  • Analytical Chemistry Lab
  • Greenhouse
  • GIS Lab
  • Rain Gardens
  • Research Labs
  • STEP Labs

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Community Impact

invasive species environmental restoration
Environmental Restoration

Drew Monks: Invasive Species

Loyola Expert, Drew Monks, discusses invasive species in and around the Great Lakes, as well as, what his research group is doing to combat them and restore wetlands.

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student researchers with their poster at a conference
Student Reseach

Student Research Contributes to Local Ecological Restoration

A small project that began in a School of Environmental Sustainability classroom has grown into something bigger with the potential to create positive change in Chicagoland public areas.

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student research assistants guide a small boat through a wetland

Restoring Biodiverse Wetlands

Researchers from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Environmental Sustainability are devising new methods of restoring biologically diverse wetlands. They secured more than $1.1 million in federal funding for a large-scale project that could inform wetland management practices throughout the Great Lakes region.

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Other Focus Areas