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Your success is our goal. These resources and guides will help you along the way.

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Climate Action Plan

Loyola is committed to making our campus carbon neutral for directly controlled emissions by 2025. Learn more.

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SES Internships

The School of Environmental Sustainability provides hands-on internship opportunities for students to get deeply involved in our environmental initiatives. SES Internships use a common application. You may apply for multiple internships but will need to complete the application separately, once for each position. Check back each semester to see what is available.

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One of Loyola's social enterprises designed and operated by Loyola students, ChainLinks is a bike rental business launched by students in the Bike Club and supports the local bike culture. So save some time and grab a bike to get around town.

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Engineers for Social Justice

The purpose of Engineers for Social Justice (ESJ) is to educate and develop skills relevant to the engineering profession by participating in community service-based projects in the Chicagoland area. Current and past projects include – Stormwater management for a Sheridan Rd Condo, Raingardens, and water resources for rural Tanzania.

Engineers for Social Justice, Students, Biodiversity, Career_Exploration, Climate_Action, Community_Service_and_Volunteerism, gsivandran@LUC.edu

Environmental Law Society

The Environmental Law Society is committed to improving student awareness and education in the field of environmental affairs from ethical, legal, scientific, economic, policy and sociological perspectives. The ELS seeks to promote the improvement of ecological integrity through regular meetings, speaker series, legislative monitoring, and other means that may arise.

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Food Recovery Network

The Food Recovery Network (FRN) prevents food waste from ending up in landfills by serving the local community. Join this student organization to connect with fellow students passionate about sustainability and social justice

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Group for Environmental Medicine and Sustainability

Medical, Nursing, and Public Health students at the Health Science Campus exploring the intersections of sustainability and wellness.

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Growers Guild

Growers Guild promotes sustainability initiatives on campus by introducing the community to urban agriculture and permaculture techniques. By creating garden spaces and edible landscapes, students and community members are invited to partake in the maintenance of these plots and gain hands-on learning opportunities.

Growers Guild, Community, Students, Biodiversity, Climate_Action, Community_Service_and_Volunteerism, Green_Living_On_Campus, growersguild1@gmail.com

Net Impact

Net Impact inspires and equips emerging leaders to build a more just and sustainable world, with a particular focus on the role of business as a force for good. Loyola has both an undergraduate and a graduate chapter.

Net Impact, Students, Career_Exploration, Climate_Action, Energy_Conservation, netimpact@luc.edu

Renewable Energy at Loyola

REAL strives to maintain Loyola’s status on the leading edge of green technology implementation. Focusing mainly on wind turbine and solar cell technologies we aim to include individuals with a wide range of interests and studies including physics, computer science, engineering, environmental science, business, marketing, public relations, and anyone with an attraction to alternative energy.

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Restoration Club

Restoration Club is all about teaching and learning about ecological restoration. We focus on the restoration going on in the greater Chicago area. We are a group of people that like working in and enjoy natural areas in Chicago not only for the ecological benefits, but also to make friends and start discussions on the importance of restoration. Join us for the next Restoration Day!

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Save the Earth from A to Z

ASEZ is devoted to carrying out the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in order to build a prosperous future through various activities for the Chicago community. As a result, our services will reach whoever is in need, inside and outside of the Loyola community.

Save the Earth from A to Z, Students, Community_Service_and_Volunteerism, asez.loyola@gmail.com

Student Environmental Alliance

The Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) is a campus organization dedicated to protecting and sustaining the natural environment. SEA accomplishes this through education and action. Through education and action, the students take this new awareness and translate it into tangible actions to stop environmental destruction and create solutions for a better future.

Student Environmental Alliance, Students, Biodiversity, Climate_Action, Community_Service_and_Volunteerism, sea.loyola@gmail.com

Students for Sustainable Energy through Anaerobic Digestion

Learn about anaerobic digestion (AD) as an up-and-coming green energy technology that facilitates a circular economy, and help advocate for AD on Loyola's campus. Leadership and E-board positions available!

Students for Sustainable Energy through Anaerobic Digestion, Students, Biodiversity, Research_Opportunities, LUCsead@gmail.com

Sunrise Movement

The Sunrise Movement is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Join an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.

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EcoChallenge is a web-based annual competition to get us all involved in taking action to better the planet and our community. Participate in daily challenges, track your actions, and spread the word to win points, real-life prizes, and bragging rights. Join Ramblers Go Green as we go up against other schools, learn how to live more sustainably, and give prizes to some of our top participants.

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Think Green & Give

Think Green and Give is a charitable collection event in which gently used, clean clothing, household items, and nonperishable unopened food/toiletries are collected at the end of the academic year when students move out of the residence halls for the summer.

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Chicago Transit Authority

Use the CTA Bus or Trains to avoid traffic congestion. Follow this link to find transit trackers from Loyola's campuses.

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Divvy Bikes

Chicago's bike share system allows you to pick up a bike at one of hundreds of stations around the Chicago area. Staff and Faculty are eligible for discounts through Loyola's benefits package.

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Car Sharing

Zip Car has locations near the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses, offering easy access to fully-fueled, insured, and maintained vehicles.

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Guide to Green Living

Learn how you can reduce your energy use on campus.

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Loyola Farmers Market

The Loyola Farmers Market is a direct result of a student project in Loyola’s Solutions to Environmental Problems (STEP) Food Systems course in 2009.

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Loyola offers robust recycling programs across all three campuses. Learn more about what is available and how to get involved.

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Since 2012, Loyola has been collecting compost through landscaping, dining halls, special events, the compost bucket program and other activities. Annually we divert between 150 and 200 tons of organic waste from the landfill. For interested faculty, staff, and for students living on- or near-Lake Shore Campus, please complete the agreement form to receive a one-gallon compost bucket and a weekly drop-off schedule.

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Climate Change Conference

Climate change has direct impacts on human health through climate-induced food and water insecurities, displacement, and pollution. We must consider that the impacts are not equally distributed among people of varying race, gender, and income. Join us for our annual Climate Conference to explore these issues and consider the intersection of climate change, human health, and justice.

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Searle Biodiesel Lab

The Searle Biodiesel Program focuses on production, research, and outreach efforts centered on utilizing waste products to create energy. Learn more about how to get involved.

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Urban Agriculture

Loyola's Urban Agriculture advances the skills and knowledge in sustainable agriculture and develops local food systems. Learn more and get involved.

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Small Event Planning

Use our event checklist for tips to "green" your small gathering on campus.

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Large Event Planning

Use our event checklist for tips to "green" your large gathering on campus.

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Recycling Sign

Print this sign and post for easy reference about what can and cannot be recycled on campus.

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Sustainability Initiatives Posters

Easily downloaded posters outlining six key sustainability initiatives on campus related to food and dining, water conservation, landscape and biodiversity, waste and materials, transportation, and energy and buildings.

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Bike to Loyola

Biking has many benefits, including reduced transportation costs, exercise, and health improvements--and it's good for the environment. But there can be some barriers to biking, especially in the city and during certain times of the year. This guide provides tips to help get more Ramblers on two wheels riding more comfortably and safely.

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Water Bounty Program

Our Water Bounty Project aims to reduce Loyola’s water waste due to leaks and other plumbing issues, and we need your help. Our biggest challenge is locating leaks and water waste on campus. You can help by filling out a work request form whenever you see a leak.

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