Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability


Made by Loyola Students

Purchasing Information All products are available directly from the Searle Biodiesel Lab. Not all products are available for retail sales.
Arctic Wolf Windshield Wiper Fluid Automotive windshield wiper fluid made from chemical byproducts of the biodiesel production process.
Wholesale (No Retail Sales)
Biodiesel Fuel B100 (100% Biodiesel)
Wholesale (No Retail Sales)
Appointment Only
Delivery Available for Larger Orders (200+ Gallons)
BioSoap Pure. Natural. Soap. This handsoap, made by Loyola students, is made from a byproduct of biodiesel production.
Discounts available for large orders, schools, non-profits, and charity functions.
LUC Lip Balm Organic lip balm made with with pure ingredients and love. 
Patio Torch Fuel This clean burning, insect repelling biodiesel-based fuel is perfect for replacing petroleum-based torch fuel for barbecues, outdoor events, and restaurants. (No Retail Sales)
Biodiesel Processor Plans (Educational) Loyola’s Biodiesel Program has developed a mobile biodiesel processor for high school education. This equipment showcases the entire process of converting used cooking oil into biodiesel on a self contained cart about the size of a wagon, providing hands-on, experiential science learning in the high school classroom.