Loyola University Chicago

School of Environmental Sustainability

Undergraduate Research Fellow Recipients

Melissa Achettu 2017-2018 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Quantification of microplastic ingestion by fish and its relationship to watershed land use
Paul Campion 2017-2018 Dr. Ping Jing
(Inst. of Environmental Sustainability)
Determining the relationship between air stagnation and precipitation in the Midwest amidst global climate change
Madison McMahon-Ward Summer 2017 Dr. Tania Schusler
(Inst. of Environmental Sustainability)
Documenting Participatory Planning in the Creation of La Villita Park in the Chicago Neighborhood of Little Village
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Victoria Calteaux Summer 2015 Dr. Chad Eichman (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Selective Transformation of Glycerol Waste into High Value Chemicals
Samantha Keyport Summer 2015 Brendan Carson (Institute of Environmental Sustainability) Impacts of Hybrid Cattail Invasion and Management on Methanogenic Microbial Communities in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands‌
Amber White 2014- 2015 Zach Waickman (IES Clean Energy Lab) Achieving Net Zero: Making Biodiesel Wash Water Environmentally Sustainable
Joshua Hittie Summer 2014 Dr. Timothy Hoellin (Biology) Anthropogenic litter and microplastic in urban streams: abundance, source, and microbial interactions
Nowruss Mohammed Summer 2014 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) Air Pollution Studies in Chicago: Multivariate Statistical Analysis & Use of a Pollution Transport Model
Sarah Naiman Summer 2014 Dr. Tania Schusler (Institute of Environmental Sustainability) ¡Nos preocupamos por el medio ambiente también! (We care about the environment too!): an investigation of the environmental participation of Latinos in Chicago.
Michael Floyd 2013-2014 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) Simulation Modeling of the Development of Pollutants in Chicago
Sean Kelly Summer 2013 Dr. V. Bala Chaudhary (Institute of Environmental Sustainability) Mycorrhizal Fungi in Green Roof Soils
Jennifer Kelso 2013-2014 Lain Vail (Institute of Environmental Sustainability) Using Halophyte Salicornia bigelovii to Purify Biodiesel Washwater
Tapas Patel 2013-2014 Shane Lishawa (Institute of Environmental Sustainability)
Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Institute of Environmental Sustainability)
Determining the sustainability of harvested invasive plant biomass for renewable energy production
Ricardo Magallon 2012-13 Dr. Timothy Hoellin (Biology) Abundance and Condition of Invasive Asian Clams (Corbicula Fluminae) in an Urban Watershed
Timothy Nickels 2012-13 Bree Sines (Biology) A Study of the Effectiveness of Container Gardening
Reena Shah 2012-13 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) Analysis of Hexavalent Chromium in Serum and Lacrimal Fluid by Anion Chromatography
Ali Siddiqui 2012-13 Dr. Tham Hoang (Center for Urban Environmental Research & Policy) Selenium Uptake in Juvenile and Adult Florida Apple Snails (Pomacea Plaudosa): A Study of Contamination in the Everglades
Kesha Baxi 2011-12 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Impact of Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Soil Nitrogen Cycling Microorganisms
Diana Deavila 2011-12 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Has Triclosan Pollution in Rivers in the Chicago Region Led to the Proliferation of Highly Resistant Bacteria?
Samantha Hertel 2011-12 Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Biology) Investigating the effects of the antibiotic azithromycin on stream bacteria and algae community composition
Adam Pink 2011-12 Dr. Timothy Hoellein (Biology) Freshwater Debris and Biofilms in Chicago-area streams
Erin Throop 2011-12 Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Biology) & Dr. Beth Lawrence (Biology) Characterizing the potential of Great Lakes wetland invaders to produce biogas
Anna Sjodin 2010-11 Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Biology) The Effects of Azithromycin on Stream Ecosystems
Ramunas Stanciauskas 2010-11 Dr. Catherine Putonti (Biology) Exploring the Influence of Viruses on Lake Michigan Bacterial Diversity
Tyler J. White 2010-11 Dr. Chris Peterson (Biology) and Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Effects of Microalgal Species Identity on the Taxonomic Structure of Denitrifying Bacteria
Emily Brand 2009-10 George Thiruvathukal (Computer Science) The Ecological Footprint Diary
Bradley Drury 2009-10 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) and Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall (Biology) Effects of Triclosan on Microbial Communities in Illinois Rivers and Streams
Vinicio Reynoso 2009-10 Dr. Catherine Putonti (Bioinformatics, Biology) Profiling Members of Microbial Communities Using New Computational Methods:  An Examination of Diversity Between Lake Michigan Beaches
Manpreet (Sonia) Singh 2009-10 Dr. Paul Chiarelli (Chemistry) Waste Water Analysis
Malachy Sullivan 2009-10 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Effects of Physical and Chemical Stream Characteristics on Periphytic Biofilm Composition and Function
David Miceli 2008-09 Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Biology) and David Treering (CUERP GIS Specialist) Mapping of Invasive Wetland Plants at Spring Bluff Nature Preserve
Julia Peters 2008-09 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) and George Thiruvathukal (Computer Science) and Holly Kramer (Preventative Medicine) and Davide Shoham (Preventative Medicine) and David Treering (GIS Specialist) The Association between Pre-term Delivery and Air Pollution:  A Novel Approach
Katherine Policht 2008-09 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Impacts of Biosolids Additions on Nitrifying Bacteria in Agricultural Soils
John Samuel Saliba 2008-09 Dr. Christopher Peterson (Natural Science) Variation in Biomass Accrual and Establishment of Dentrification Activity in Stream Biofilms
Yousuf Sayeed 2008-09 Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall (Biology) The Effects of Antihistamine on Aquatic Gastropol Livelihood
Dovile Baniulyte 2007-08 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Assessment of Soil Microbial Communities in Surface Applied Illinois River Sediments
Martin Bezener 2007-08 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) Air Quality Studies Using the Loyola University Chicago Air Station
Mariya Demidovich 2007-08 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) Chemical Reactions Pathways of Air Pollutants in Chicago
Sikandar H. Khan 2007-08 Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall (Biology) Measuring the Ecological Effects of Triclosan on Microbial Communities in Aquatic Systems
Drew Lee 2007-08 Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall (Biology) The Effects of Antihistamine on Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Growth Rates
Denis Agniel 2006-07 Dr. Timothy O'Brien (Mathematics and Statistics) and Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) The Relationship Between Local Meteorology and Atmospheric Constituents
Amit Bansal 2006-07 Dr. John Kelly (Biology) Impacts of Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Fungi Colonizing Leaf Detritus in a Temperate Woodland Stream
Lane Barham 2006-07 Dr. Nancy Tuchman (Biology) Does Invasive Typha x glauca Enhance Nitrogen Fixation Relative to Native Plant Communities?
Drew Lee 2006-07 Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall (Biology) The Ecological Impact of Urbanization on the Metropolitan Rivers of Chicago: The Proximal Effects of Wastewater Effluent on the Growth Rates of Gammarus fasciatus and Microbial Community Respiration
Kyle Scott 2006-07 Dr. Martina Schmeling (Chemistry) The Collection and Organization of Data Concerning the Loyola University Chicago Air Station