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Hille Haker, PhD

Title/s: Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Catholic Moral Theology

Office #: Crown Center 321

Phone: 773.508.2368

E-mail: hhaker@luc.edu

CV Link: Hille Haker CV

External Webpage: http://hillehaker.com/


Hille Haker, Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Moral Theology

Hille Haker is the Richard McCormick, S. J., Chair of Moral Theology at Loyola University Chicago. She earned her doctorate (1997) and habilitation (2001) at the University of Tübingen and her dissertation—“Moralische Identität: Literarische Lebensgeschichten als Medium ethischer Reflexion” (“Moral Identity: Literary Life Stories as a Medium of Ethical Reflection”)—was awarded the dissertation prize in Catholic Theology in 1998. Prior to joining the faculty at Loyola, Dr. Haker was Chair of Moral Theology and Social Ethics in the Catholic Theology Department of Frankfurt University (2005 to 2009), Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Harvard Divinity School (2003 to 2005), and Heisenberg Research Scholar (2002–2003). In Frankfurt, she was a Colleague of the Institute of Social Research of the Frankfurt School and co-director of the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women's Studies. At Frankfurt University, she also served as co-director of the newly founded Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaftern Bad Homburg from 2007–2010. After 14 years of service, she resigned from the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Concilium in 2015. 

Dr. Haker was elected President of Societas Ethica at its annual conference in August 2015 in Linköping, Sweden. She has been a member of the European Group on Ethics in Sciences and New Technologies (EGE) of the European Commission since 2005. She is a member of several U.S. associations, including the AAR, SCE, CTSA, and ASBH; she is also a member of the German Academy of Ethics in Medicine (AEM) and an associated member of the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen, and a member of AGENDA, Forum of Catholic Women Theologians in Germany. 

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Research Interests

  • Meta-ethics (e.g. agency, virtues and norms as ethical concepts);
  • Fundamental theological ethics and methods (normative ethics and hermeneutical/experiential ethics);
  • Social and political ethics (human rights and justice, citizenship);
  • Bioethics (reproductive medicine, human genetics, and new technologies);
  • Feminist ethics (existentialist and care ethics);
  • Aesthetics and ethics (modern literature and narratives as medium of/for ethics).

Selected Publications

Recently Published Articles in English:


  • Gender Identity, Brain, and Body In: Theology, Anthropology, and Neurosciences, Concilium 50/4/2015, co-edited with Thierry Marie Courau, Regina Ammich-Quinn, and Marie-Theres Wacker.
  • New Culture of Security and Surveillance. In: Journal of Political Science and Public Affairs 3/1: 145, 2015, 1-6.
  • Catholic Feminist Ethics Reconsidered – The Case of Trafficking, Journal of Religious Ethics 43 (2) 2015, 218-243.
  • Structural Corruption in Healthcare Bodies. In: Concilium 4/2014: Corruption (in six languages), English: p. 57-68.
  • Opinion 29 of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies : The Ethical Implications of New Health Technologies and Citizen Participations, October 2015.

Recently Published Articles in German:

  • HIV/AIDS – Handbuch Bioethik, ed. Dieter Sturma, Bert Heinrichs, 293-299, Stuttgart (Metzler) 2015.
  • Ethik und Empirie, in: Walter Schaupp (ed.): Ethik und Empirie. Gegenwärtige Herausforderungen für Moraltheologie und Sozialethik (Studien zur Theologischen Ethik), Freiburg i.Br. (Herder) 2015, 19-40.
  • Die Materialität des Religösen findet sich womöglich dort, wo sie gar nicht explizit gesucht wird. In: Materialisierungen des Religiösen. Freiburger Zeitschrift für Geschlechterstudien 21-1, 2015, 47-59.
  • Geschlechteridentität, Gehirn und Körper. In: Theology, Anthropology, and Neurosciences, Concilium 50/4/2015, co-edited with Thierry Marie Courau, Regina Ammich-Quinn, and Marie-Theres Wacker, 443-454.
  • Verletzlichkeit als Kategorie der Ethik. In: M. Bobbert (Hg.): Zwischen Parteilichkeit und Gerechtigkeit. Schnittstellen von Klinikseelsorge und Medizinethik, Berlin (Lit) 2015, 195-226.
  • Fallkommentar Medizinethik – „Das musst du entscheiden…“. In: M. Bobbert (Hg.): Zwischen Parteilichkeit und Gerechtigkeit. Schnittstellen von Klinikseelsorge und Medizinethik, Berlin (Lit) 2015, 95-105.
  • Körperlichkeit im Plural. Geschlechtertheorie und katholisch-theologische Ethik. In: Herder Korrespondenz Spezial, Freiburg (Herder), 2015, 20-24, Freiburg i.Br. (Herder), 2015, 19-40.


Articles (Submitted) in Preparation, Submitted, Accepted, Forthcoming)

  • Homicide. In: Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, Munich (De Gruyter) (forthcoming)
  • Walter Benjamin and Christian Critical Ethics – A Comment, in: C. Dickinson et al.: The Theological Reception of Walter Benjamin (forthcoming).
  • The Anticipatory Corpse – Jeffrey Bishop’s Medical history and ethics. In: Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Special Issue (accepted)
  • Restoring Human Rights and Dignity in Prisons – The Case of US Mass Incarceration (forthcoming)
  • Reproductive medicine and the problem of egg freezing. In: Zeitschrift fuer Medizin und Ethik 3/2016
  • Response to Hans Joas, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (under review)

Articles (in Preparation)


  • “Transcending Liberalism – avoiding Communitarianism: Human Rights and Dignity in Bioethics” conference proceedings: Pontificia Urbana Conference Rome, March 8-11, 2016: Beyond Individualism. Relationships and Relationality to Rethink Identity
  • Vulnerable Agency. In: Jonathan Rothschildt and Matthew Petrusek (eds.): Dignity and Conflict: Contemporary Interfaith Dialogue on the Value and Vulnerability of Human Life. Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame Press), 2017 (in preparation)
  • “Political Theologies in a Post-Christian World”, in: Ruben Rosario-Rodrigez: T&T Clark Companion to Political Theology (2018) (in preparation).


Books in Preparation

  • Experientielle Ethik (Quaestio Disputatae, Herder, Freiburg), with C. Mandry, forthcoming.

Book Projects

  • Recognition and Responsibility: Critical Theory and Christian Ethics
  • English Translation of "Hauptsache gesund?"


  • Hauptsache Gesund? (2011)
  • Moralische Identitat (1999)
  • Ethik der genetischen Fruhdiagnostik (2002)

Journal Issues in Preparation

  • Concilium: Neurosciences

Edited Books and Journal Issues

  • Medizinische Ethik in der Klinikseelsorge/Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy, Lit Verlag

Edited Books and Journal Issues

  • Religiöser Pluralismus in der Klinikseelsorge (Lit, Berlin), with G. Wanderer and K. Bentele (2014);
  • Marktwirtschaft und Menschenrechte: Wirtschaftsethische Dimensionen und Herausforderungen, Mohr Siebeck, 2013, Hille Haker (Author, Editor), Martin Schröter (Editor), Olaf J Schumann (Editor);
  • Perspektiven der Medizinethik in der Klinikseelsorge, Walter Moczynski, Hille Haker, Katrin Bentele und Gwendolin Wanderer (Hrsg.), Berlin, Münster, Wien, 2009;
  • Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy. Essays, Walter Moczynski, Hille Haker und Katrin Bentele (Hrsg.), Berlin, Hamburg, London u.a., 2009;
  • Ethik-Geschlecht-Wissenschaften, mentis/Paderborn 2006 (with  U. Konnertz u. D. Mieth);
  • Humane Genetik? Jahrespublikatin Ethik und Unterricht, diesterweg 2002 (with  J. Dietrich und S. Graumann).
  • The Ethics of Genetics in Human Procreation, Ashgate/Aldershot, 2000 (with D. Beyleveld);
  • Ethics of Human Genome Analysis. European Perspectives, attempto/Tübingen 1993 (with R. Hearn u. K. Steigleder).

Edited Journals

  • The Return of Apocalypticism, Concilium 50/3/2014, co-edited with Andres Torres Queiruga and Marie-Theres Wacker;
  • Postcolonial Theology, Concilium 2013/2 with Luiz Carlo Susin and EloiMessi Metogo;
  • Trafficking, Concilium 47,3 (2011) (with Lisa Cahill and Elaine Wainwright);
  • Natural Law, Concilium 46,3 (2010) (with Lisa Cahill);
  • HIV/AIDS. Concilium 43, 3 (2007) (with Regina Ammicht-Quinn);
  • Women in World Religion. Concilium 42,3 (2006) (with Marie-Theres Wacker und Susan Ross);
  • Cyberspace – Cyberethik—Cybertheologie. Concilium 41,1 (2005) Grünewald 2005 (with E. Borgmann u. S. Van Erp).
  • Struktureller Verrat. Sexueller Missbrauch in der Kirche. Concilium 40,3 (2004), Grunewald 2004 (with R. Ammicht-Quinn und M. Junker-Kenny).


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