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Hille Haker, PhD

Title/s:  Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Catholic Moral Theology

Office #:  Crown Center 319

Phone: 773.508.2368


CV Link: Haker CV

External Webpage: http://hillehaker.com/


Hille Haker, Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Moral Theology

Hille Haker, Ph.D., holds the Richard McCormick S.J. Endowed Chair of Catholic Moral Theology at Loyola University Chicago. Her research focuses on the foundations of ethics, moral identity, literary & narrative ethics, Christian ethics as critical social ethics, bioethics, and feminist ethics.

Prior to joining the faculty at Loyola, Dr. Haker was Chair of Moral Theology and Social Ethics in the Catholic Theology Department of Frankfurt University (2005 to 2009), Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Harvard Divinity School (2003 to 2005), and Heisenberg Research Scholar (2002–2003). She holds a Ph.D (1998) and Habilitation (2002) in Christian Theological Ethics from the University of Tübingen, Germany.

From 2015-2018, Hille Haker has been the President of Societas Ethica, European Society for Research in Ethics. She served on the editorial board of the International Journal Concilium for many years and in this role co-edited nine journal issues.
While working in Germany, she was a member of several Bioethics Committees, including the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies to the European Commission from 2005-2015, the German Ethics Committee of the Federal Physicians Chamber, and the Bioethics Committee of the German Bishops Conference.

Her works include three monographs, eight co-edited books, and multiple articles: Moralische Identität. Literarische Lebensgeschichten als Medium ethischer Reflexion (1999), Ethik der genetischen Frühdiagnostik (2002), Hauptsache gesund (2011), and eight co-edited books, among them: The Ethics of Genetics in Human Procreation (2000), Ethik-Geschlecht-Wissenschaften (2006), Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy (2009), and Religiöser Pluralismus in der Klinikseelsorge (2014), and nine co-edited journal issues for Concilium, among them: Human Trafficking (2011), Postcolonial Theology (2012), The Return of Apocalypticism (2014), and Theology, Anthropology, and Neurosciences (2015).

Her current projects include a book on The Renewal of Catholic Social ethics (forthcoming 2019), and a book on two basic concepts of ethics, Recognition and Responsibility

Research Interests

  • Meta-ethics (e.g. agency, virtues and norms as ethical concepts);
  • Fundamental theological ethics and methods (normative ethics and hermeneutical/experiential ethics);
  • Social and political ethics (human rights and justice, citizenship);
  • Bioethics (reproductive medicine, human genetics, and new technologies);
  • Feminist ethics (existentialist and care ethics);
  • Aesthetics and ethics (modern literature and narratives as medium of/for ethics).

Selected Publications


Values in Bioethics (Brill), since 2017

Medizinische Ethik in der Klinikseelsorge/Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy, Lit Verlag (4 volumes)


Book Projects

Recognition and Responsibility: Critical Theory and Christian Ethics

Taylor Handbuch (with Jean-Pierre Wils and Michael Kühnle), Metzler 2020/21

Book (submitted):

Renewal of Catholic Social Ethics: Towards A Critical Political Ethics, Herder, 2019 (forthcoming in winter 2019)


Edited Book: Unaccompanied Migrant Children. Social, legal and ethical Perspectives (co-edited with Molly Greening), Lexington, 2019

Articles (submitted or forthcoming):

  •  Vulnerable Agency – Human Dignity and Gendered Violence. In: Jonathan Rothschildt and Matthew Petrusek (eds.): Dignity and Conflict: Contemporary Interfaith Dialogue on the Value and Vulnerability of Human Life. Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame Press), 2019, 393-436 (forthcoming 2019).
  • “Political Theologies in a Post-Christian World.” in: Ruben Rosario-Rodrigez: T&T Clark Companion to Political Theology (2018) (forthcoming 2019).
  • Uprooted: Towards a Medical Ethics of Suffering. In: Christof Mandry (Hg.): Suffering. Paderborn, Schöningh, 2019 (forthcoming 2019).
  • Habermas and Theology (in preparation)
  • Vulnerabilität in der Theologie (in preparation)




  • Political Ethics and the Rights of Unaccompanied Migrant Children. In: Hille Haker/Molly Greening (eds.): Unaccompanied Migrant Children: Social, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives, Lanham: Lexington 2019, 201-225.
  • Homeland Theology? Decolonizing Christianity and the Task of Public Theology. In: Jennifer Baldwin (ed.): Public Theologies of Activism and Resistance, Lanham: Lexington, 2019, 163-178.
  • Towards a Decolonial Narrative Ethics, in: Humanities 8,3 (2019), 1-31.
  • The Right to Religious Freedom – A Theological Comment. In: Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, 2019, Vol. 50, Special Issue: Religious Freedom, 107-136
  • Illness Narratives in Ethical Counseling. In: Gabriele Lucius-Hoene, Christine Holmberg, and Thorsten Meyer (eds.): Illness Narratives in Practice. Potentials and Challenges of Using Narratives in Healthcare Contexts. Oxford University Press, 2018, 63-74.


  • “Vergebene Liebesmühe – lässt sich Theologische Ethik auf europäischem Parkett hörbar machen?” in: Alexander Merkl, Bernhard Koch (eds.): Die EU als ethisches Projekt im Spiegel ihrer Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik, nomos, 2019, 73-94.



  • A Social Bioethics of Genetics. In: Therese Lysaught, Michael McCarthy: Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice. The Praxis of US Healthcare in a Globalized World. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Academic Press, 2018, 389-403. 


  • “Resonanz. Eine Analyse aus ethischer Perspektive.” in: Wils, Jean-Pierre: Resonanz. Im interdisziplinären Gespräch mit Hartmut Rosa. Nomos: 2019, 33-43.
  • Compassion und eine prophetische Ethik des Friedens. In: Margit Eckholt u. Virginia Azcuy (Hg.): Friendens-Räume. Interkulturelle Friedenstheologie in feministisch-theologischer Perspektive, Mainz, Grünewald, 2018, 261,272. Spanische Ausgabe der Vorträge: La compasión y una ética profética de la paz. In: Virginia Azcuy, Margit Eckholt, Marcella Mazzini (eds.): Espacios de Paz. Lecura intercultural de un signo de estos tiempos, Buenos Aires, Agape Libros, 2018, 301-313.


  • October 2019, University of Tübingen, German – Alfons Auer Award: Laudatio for Mary McAleese,
  • October 8, 2019, University of Madison, Wi: CRISPR-CON. Conversations on Science, Society & the Future of Gene Editing. Panel Discussion  https://crisprcon.org/crisprcon-midwest-2019/
  • November 18-21: Conference on Jewish-Christian Dialogue, Israel


  • May 2020: Critical Theory Conference, Rome (Loyola Rome Campus).


  • August 27-30, 2019 International Conference of the European Society of Catholic Theology, Bratislava. : “Hope”: Keynote Lecture: Information or Communication – The Loss of the Language of the Human”
  • July 14-18, 2019: Bad Genes and Parental Responsibility. On j. Habermas’ Concept of Unverfügbarkeit and Unantastbarkeit. Workshop of the International Network of Bioethics, Dublin
  • June, 27-30, 2019: Societas Ethica Annual Conference, Munich: Digital Humanities. Comment on A. Feenberg: Internet Ethics.
  • May 29, 2019: Northwestern University, Evanston: Course Presentation on Gene Editing
  • May 20-22, 2019 Richard McCormick Endowed Chair & Loyola University Chicago Medical School in Cooperation with Frankfurt University, Germany: Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy: Host of a Visit from German Hospital Chaplains, including Visits to Loyola Medical School, Northwestern University Hospital, a half-day Seminar on “Suffering,” and a day-long Seminar on Social Bioethics. Presentation and Chair of the Meeting (with Michael McCarthy and Gwendolin Wanderer)
  • May, 8-11, 2019: Critical Theory Conference, Rome (Loyola Rome Campus). Keynote Lecture: “There is a secret appointment` between past generations and the present one.” – Walter Benjamin’s Concept of History Reconsidered.
  • January 13-16, 2019: International Workshop at the Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland: Engineering Future Generations? The New Debate about Societal Governance, Public Engagement, and Human Gene Editing for Reproduction. Lecture: Gene Editing – Ethical Aspects
  • January 9-11, 2019: Medical Ethics in Health Care Chaplaincy, Certification Course: Narrative Ethics (2-day session)


  • October 18-20, 2018: American Society of Bioethics and the Humanities, Healthcare Chaplaincy, Ethics Education, and the Value of a Narrative Approach (with M. McCarthy, C. Mandry, G. Wanderer)
  • November 8-9, 2018: Swiss National Ethics Committee Conference Enhancement: Keynote Lecture “Enhancement as Ideology”
  • August 26, 2018 Societas Ethica Annual Conference 2019: Feministi Ethics and the Question of Gender. Panel Discussion „The Future of Feminist Ethics”, Louvain-la-Neuve,
  • August 18, 2018 Wijngaards Institute and Trinity College Dublin: ‘Voices Pope Francis will not hear’. Panel Discussion on Humanae Vitae and Catholic Sexual Ethics, 50 Years after “Humanae Vitae” https://www.tcd.ie/news_events/articles/public-discussion-on-controversial-teachings-of-the-catholic-church/
  • June 27, 2018: Deutscher Ethikrat: Herausforderungen für die Menschenwürde durch Neue Technologien, Keynote Lecture: Geschichte und Begriff der Menschenwürde
  • June 24-25, 2018: Inselspital Bern, Medical Ethics,
    • Lecture: Verletzlichkeit und Anteilnahme. Seelsorge zwischen kirchlich-konfessionellen und klinischem Angebot
    • Lecture: Zwischen Schweigen und Sprechen. Narrative Ethik und die Ars Patientia
    • Workshop Narrative Ethics, Inselspital Bern: Seelsorge Heute
  • June 22, 2018: WHO Conference: Spiritual Care im Fokus globaler Gesundheitspolitik, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Lecture: Leide und Compassion. Zum Status der spiritual care in der Medizinethik
  • June 15, 2018: Graduate Course in Bioethics, Neiswanger Institute, Loyola University Chicago, Lecture: The Silent Language of Suffering. A Hermeneutical Phenomenology of Illness Narratives
  • May 17-19, 2018: 17th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium MODERNITY BETWEEN THE DAMAGED LIFE AND SANE SOCIETY: SOCIAL THEORY IN THE AGE OF URGENCY Chicago. Lecture: Vulnerable Agency. Panel Discussion: The Work of Axel Honneth
  • April 23-24, 2018: World Parliament of Religion Conference, University of Chicago, Keynote Lecture: Global Ethics in the 21st Century
  • March 19, 2018: Conference „Das Außer-Ordentliche (in) der Gerechtigkeit: Pluralität, Differenz und das Gleichheitsprinzip“,  University of Luzern, Switzerland. Lecture: „Jedem das Seine, Mir alles“,
  • March 12/13, 2018: Religious Freedom Conference, Loyola University Chicago, Lecture: Religious Freedom. Response to Leslie Griffin.,
  • January 4-7, 2018: Society of Christian Ethics Annual Conference: Panel Discussion: Philosophical and Theological Ethics