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Marcia Hermansen, PhD

Title/s:  Professor and
Director of Islamic World Studies

Office #:  Crown Center 441

Phone: 773.508.2345

Email: mherman@luc.edu

CV Link: Hermansen CV

External Webpage: https://luc.academia.edu/MarciaHermansen

Research Interests

Islamic Studies, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, Comparative Religion, South Asian and Middle East Studies, Mysticism, Women and Gender, Religion in America, Critical Theory, Youth Cultures, Islamic Theology, Interfaith Dialogue

Selected Publications

Hermansen Publications since 2013


Religious Diversity at School: Educating for New Pluralistic Contexts. Co-edited with Ednan Aslan. Weisbaden: Springer, 2021. 

Varieties of American Sufism: Islam, Sufi Orders and Authority in a Time of Transition, co-edited with Elliott Bazzano. Albany, NY SUNY Press, 2020.

Religion and Violence: Muslim and Christian Theological and Pedagogical Reflections, co-edited with Ednan Aslan, Wiesbaden: Springer, 2017.

Islam, Religions, and Pluralism in Europe, co-edited with Ednan Aslan and Ranja Ebrahim, Wiesbaden: Springer 2016.

Islam and Citizenship Education, co-edited with Ednan Aslan, Springer, 2015.

Muslima Theology: The Voices of Muslim Women Theologians, co-edited with Ednan Aslan and Elif Medeni. Peter Lang, 2013.

Book Chapters

“Feminism and the Divine Feminine: an Exploration of Female Elements in Ivan Aguéli and Subsequent Traditionalist Thought.” In Anarchist, Artist, Sufi: The Politics, Painting, and Esotericism of Ivan Aguéli ed. Mark Sedgwick, Bloomsbury, 2021, 151-164.

“Beyond Barelwiism: Tahir ul-Qadri as an Example of Trends in Global Sufism” in Sufis and the State: The Politics of Islam in South Asia and Beyond ed. Katherine P. Ewing and Rosemary R. Corbett, Columbia University Press, 2020, 57-73.

“Beyond East Meets West: Space and Simultaneity in Post-Millennial Western Sufi Auto-Biographical Writings” in Sufism East and West: Mystical Islam and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Modern World. Ed. Jamal Malik and Saeed Zarrabi-Zadeh, Brill, 2019, 149-179.

"American Milad: Celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet" in The Practice of Islam in America, ed. Edward Curtis. New York University Press, 2017, 123 - 140. 

"Muslim Theologians of Non-Violence in Religion and Violence: Muslim and Christian Theological and Pedagogical Reflections," Ednan Aslan and Marcia Hermansen (eds), Wiesbaden: Springer, 2017, 147-162.

“Feasts of Paradise: Banqueting and Sacrifice in the Islamic Tradition” in Holy Wealth: Accounting for This World and The Next in Religious Belief and Practice. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2017, 131-144.

“The Shahadah” in Foundations of Islam Zafar Ishaq Ansari and I. Nawwab (eds.) Paris: UNESCO, 2016, 627-651.

“Classical and Contemporary Islamic Perspectives on Religious Plurality in Islam”, Islam, Religions and Pluralism in Europe Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer, 2016, 39-56.

“Alter/native Democracies: Muslim and Catholic Negotiations of Culture, Religion, and Citizenship in the 21st Century” in Democracy, Culture, and Catholicism: Voices from Four Continents ed. Michael Schuck, Fordham University Press, 2015, 134-148.

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“Sufi Movements in America” in the Oxford Handbook of American Islam, edited by Y. Haddad and J. Smith Oxford, 2014, 119-136.

“American Sufis and American Islam: From Private Spirituality to the Public Sphere” in Islamic Movements and Islam in the Multicultural World: Islamic Movements and Formation of Islamic Ideologies in the Information Age. Kazan: Russian Federation, Kazan Federal University Publishing House, 2014, 189-208.

“Conversion to Islam: Historical and Theological Perspectives” in The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion ed. Lewis Rambo and Charles Farhadian, Oxford, 2014, 632-666.