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Christopher W. Skinner, PhD

Title/s:  Professor and
Graduate Program Director

Office #:  Crown Center 323

Phone: 773-508-8246


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Dr. Christopher W. Skinner is Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity at Loyola University Chicago. He holds an undergraduate degree in Communication and English from East Carolina University (1995), a ThM in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary (2001), and a PhD in Biblical Studies from the Catholic University of America (2008). Between 2005 and 2010, he served as Instructor of Biblical Studies at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore Maryland, where he was the Dunning Distinguished Lecturer for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship during the 2008-2009 academic year. Prior to his arrival at Loyola, he was Associate Professor of Religion (2010-2016) and Director of the Honors Program (2015-2016) at Mount Olive College in North Carolina, where he was voted the 2013-2014 Professor of the Year. He has also served as affiliate faculty at East Carolina University (2014-2015) and Loyola University Maryland (2008-2009).  

Dr. Skinner has published over two dozen articles and chapters in various books and journals and has authored or edited nine books. His work primarily explores the intersection of literary and historical questions in the narratives about Jesus both within and outside the New Testament. He has also written about New Testament ethics and the scholarly reception of the Gospel of Thomas. His recent books include Johannine Ethics: The Moral World of the Gospel and Epistles of John (Fortress, 2017; with Sherri Brown); Reading John (Cascade, 2015), Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John (Bloomsbury/T & T Clark, 2013), What are They Saying About the Gospel of Thomas (Paulist, 2012), and Mark as Story: Retrospect and Prospect (Society of Biblical Literature, 2011; with Kelly R. Iverson). He is currently working on projects related to the Christology of Mark’s Gospel and recent scholarly views on the Johannine community. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, and the Catholic Biblical Association of America. He also serves on the editorial boards for the Catholic Biblical Quarterly and the Bulletin for Biblical Research.

Research Interests

Gospel of Mark, Gospel of John, Gospel of Thomas, Narrative and Reader-Response Criticism, Literary Hermeneutics, Historical Jesus Studies, Christology, Religion and the Media.

Selected Publications

“The Gospel according to John,” in Cambridge Companion to the Gospels, 2d ed. (ed. Stephen Barton and Todd Brewer; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021), 199-218. 

“Narrative Readings of the Religious Authorities in John: A Response to Urban C. von Wahlde,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 82 (2020): 424-36.

“Ethics and the Gospel of John: Toward an Emerging New Consensus?” Currents in Biblical Research 18 (2020): 280-304.

“The Good Shepherd παροιμία (John 10:1-21) and John’s Implied Audience: A Thought Experiment in Reading the Fourth Gospel,” Horizons in Biblical Theology 40 (2018): 183-201.

“‘The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life for the Sheep’ (John 10:11, 15, 17): Questioning the Limits of a Johannine Metaphor,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 80 (2018): 97-113.

“‘Son of God’ or “God’s Chosen One’? A Text-Critical Problem and Its Narrative-Critical Solution (John 1:34)” Bulletin for Biblical Research 25 (2015): 47-63.

 “The Study of Character(s) in Gospel of Mark: A Survey of Research from Wrede to the Performance Critics (1901-2014),” in Character Studies and the Gospel of Mark (ed., Christopher W. Skinner and Matthew Ryan Hauge; LNTS 483; London: Bloomsbury/T & T Clark, 2014), 3-34.

 “Misunderstanding, Christology, and Johannine Characterization: Reading John’s Characters through the Lens of the Prologue,” in Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John, (ed., Christopher W. Skinner; LNTS 461; London: Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, 2013), 109-25.​

 “Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research (1989 – 2009): Part II: Genre, Theology and Relationship to the Gospel of John,” (with Nicholas Perrin) Currents in Biblical Research 11 (October 2012): 65-86.