Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Joint MA in Theology and Women's and Gender Studies

Loyola University Chicago offers a unique opportunity for Master's students to pursue simultaneous degrees in Theology and Women's Studies and Gender Studies. Working on both MA degrees together allows students to complete these degrees more quickly by taking courses that carry credit in both fields. The program requirements of each existing MA are fulfilled in the Dual MA program of 36 semester hours.

This dual degree program enables students to experience the many intersections between advanced study in Theology and Women’s and Gender Studies, drawing from the strengths of faculty in both disciplines in the areas of women, gender, sexuality, religion, and ethics. Loyola University Chicago is the only Jesuit university that offers a graduate degree in Women’s Studies.

As with all dual degree programs, students interested in the dual degree must apply simultaneously to both Theology and Women's Studies and Gender Studies and be admitted to both MA programs based on their separate criteria. The same criteria for admission will be applied to students who are pursuing a dual degree program as for all other students in each of the programs.

When students have been admitted to both Theology and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, they may then apply for the dual degree program via the liaisons for each program. Students will work with both graduate program directors to arrange to complete the requirements for both programs and to coordinate scheduling. It is possible to obtain both degrees two years, but some students may choose to extend the program as needed, depending on their personal situation, special interests, and course offerings.

Required Courses and Examination:

3 Credits
WSGS 401 History of Feminist Thought: 1790–1970
WSGS 402 Foundations of Women’s Studies
WSGS 450 Global Feminisms or a globally-related course
WSGS 498 Practicum
6 Credits
THEO Two courses in Bible: one Old Testament, one New Testament
THEO Two courses in Systematic/Historical Theology
THEO Two courses in Christian Ethics
WSGS Two cross-listed (any department except Theology with WSGS) graduate courses
0 Credits
  Joint MA examination

*Three of the six courses in Theology (preferably one each in Bible, Systematic/Historical, Ethics) to be cross-listed with WSGS or to have significant gender content.

More Information

For more information about the graduate program in Theology, contact the Theology Graduate Program Director, Dr. Christopher Skinner at cskinner1@luc.edu. For information about the graduate program in Women's Studies and Gender Studies, contact the Graduate Program Director Dr. Susan Grossman at sgrossm@luc.edu, or visit the Women's Studies and Gender Studies web page. To request materials or information online, please fill out this form.


To apply, click here. Applicants for the dual degree in Theology and Women's Studies and Gender Studies should apply for admission to the programs using one application, indicating their intent to pursue the dual degree.

The MA program application requires:

  • three letters of recommendation (letters of reference from professors are preferred)
  • transcripts from all universities attended
  • a personal statement of purpose
  • a writing sample of five to twenty-five pages that includes citations and references (writing sample may be on any topic)
  • the completed application form with application fee 


Applications are due by:

Fall entry: June 1

Spring entry: November 1