Labs and Libraries

They're actually much cooler than you think

While libraries and laboratories might have a bad reputation at other schools, the ones at Loyola are not quite so typical. Whether it's a computer lab with a breathtaking view or a small-scale operation that's changing the world, you're going to be impressed. Trust us.

Labs and Libraries

The stunning Information Commons is your home for quiet study or for group projects. There's plenty of comfortable spaces for hiding out with a good book and a great view of Lake Michigan. But don't let it fool you. It's neighbor Cudahy Library houses hundreds of research databases, thousands of e-books, and, yes, almost one million books. This is a technology-rich environment with high-speed internet and Wi-Fi built for students like you.

And because you’re a busy person, all of Loyola’s libraries are open virtually around the clock.

Labs designed for the real world

We call them “teaching labs” for a reason: Loyola focuses on interactive, hands-on learning with cutting-edge equipment. It’s so much more than beakers and goggles—although we have those, too. It's about making an impact

For example:

  • The Ecodome, a greenhouse used in sustainable food systems
  • Environmental engineering lab
  • Biology life science lab
  • Aquatic simulation lab for replicating weather environments
  • Engineering flex lab
  • Student-run biodiesel operation and lab

We give you the tools and the means. Who knows? Maybe you’ll play a role in making the world a better place.

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