Teaching and Advising

We're invested in your success

At Loyola, you’ll join a community of learners led by instructors with a passion for knowledge. And your interaction with your teachers goes well beyond the classroom. They’re accessible. They’ll get to know you as a person. They’ll share your dedication to your goals.

Attention to your individual academic needs begins the day you walk through the door. During Welcome Week, you’ll meet your advisor who will help create your road map to graduation. The support system offered by your advisor and teachers gives you the personal attention you need to succeed.

Loyola's commitment to service learning means you'll have the opportunity to use your studies to benefit the community. This real-world experience will bring new meaning to your education. In short, your instructor can help you learn more while doing good.

I feel extremely blessed to have had the guidance of some of the most incredibly talented and caring professors and mentors you could ask for.
Samia Khan College of Arts and Sciences


student-to-teacher ratio at Loyola