What should I major in? Major Quiz from Loyola University Chicago

What should I major in?

Major Quiz

Answer the questions as they appear below and we'll analyze your results and show you which majors may be a good fit.

I have multiple interests and a natural curiosity about the world.
I enjoy working with people, and I have strong verbal and written communication skills.
I have interest and/or ability in art.
I'm interested in graphic and/or Web design.
I love acting. I was born to be on stage, or at least work behind the curtain.
I like to sing and/or play musical instruments.
I'm interested in filmmaking and media production.
I like working with people, and I enjoy variety in my work.
I'm interested in intellectual ideas, including those that are shaped by religious beliefs.
I have strong verbal ability and enjoy learning about other cultures and civilizations through language and literature.
I'm interested in science and in the ability to think logically.
I enjoy learning about living things.
I like to experiment with better and faster ways of doing things.
I have a great memory and have the ability to recognize general principles in particular situations.
I like science and math, and I have mechanical aptitude.
I can work on projects very carefully and thoroughly, with patience and determination.
I'm interested in law, debate, government, and politics.
I'm very independent and inquiring, and I love working with people.
I'm interested in law and human nature, and I have the ability to correlate and reason.
I have strong morals and enjoy helping people.
I'm good with numbers and have a creative imagination.
I'm good at analyzing, comparing, and interpreting data.
I'm interested in the way people make their living and how that affects society.
I have an analytic and systematic mind. I'm also good at organizing and delegating responsibilities.
I'm patient and active, and I love working with children.
I'm interested in working with sick people, and I have a strong sense of responsibility and sound judgment.
I'm interested in science, enjoy helping people, and have very strong morals.
I'm very ambitious, highly organized, and love coming up with my own ideas.
I'm interested in sustainability initiatives and the environment.
I enjoy learning about different parts of the world.
I am interested in sustaining the environment.
I need the freedom to create and be creative.
I love sports.
I am interested in physical therapy.
Music is part of my everyday routine. People catch me dancing around a lot.
I enjoy designing systems to solve problems
I love math
I enjoy designing systems to improve the quality of patients' lives
I enjoy designing systems to ease the water crisis
I enjoy designing systems that involve electronic sensors