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Opt-Out FAQ

How do I know if my waiver request was processed?

Check your LOCUS account. The CTA U-Pass credit/waiver will appear on your student account the 1-2 days after you complete the waiver form. This waiver will reduce the amount owed: it will either remove the CTA U-Pass fee or ensure the fee is not applied to your account for your respective semester/quarter. It will NOT appear as a cash refund.

If I request a waiver, should I keep my U-Pass?

Yes! Your U-Pass will be activated in later semesters/quarters, so keep your card to avoid paying the $50 replacement fee for a new one.

Your U-Pass can also always be used as a regular full-fare Ventra card when the U-Pass portion of the card is not activated. This means you can always use the card using your own funds in semesters/quarters where you do not have an active U-Pass.

I opted out of my U-Pass, but now I'd like to reverse my waiver. Is this possible?

Unfortunately once a waiver has been processed, we are unable to reverse it. You may still use your U-Pass as a full-fare card in the meantime until the next semester/quarter begins. To add funds, visit a CTA kiosk, located in any CTA train station, download the Ventra app, or visit www.ventrachicago.com.

If my U-Pass is expiring, but I've opted out, will I receive a replacement card?

Unfortunately, no. The next term you are eligible and active, a replacement card will be ordered for you. In the meantime, you can purchase a temporary card at any CTA kiosk.

How do I opt out of my U-Pass fee?

The Summer 2024 waiver site is now open. Please click here to opt out.

Please note that the last day to waive is Wednesday, June 12th.