Loyola University Chicago

CTA U-Pass

Lost/Stolen Card

At times, students do lose or have their U-Pass stolen during their Loyola University Chicago experience. While this experience can be troubling and frustrating, we are here to help.

We recommend that any student that does have their U-Pass stolen or who does lose their pass, to immediately file a police report if the pass was stolen. We also recommend that the student contact the CTA (1-877-669-8368. When calling, dial 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, and then 0 for customer service) and request that the pass be turned off, so that fraudulent charges are not incurred. Then, we recommend that the student go through the replacement process as soon as possible, so that they can continue to utilize the CTA.

The Loyola University Chicago has customer service locations located on both of its Lakeside Campuses (Lake Shore and Water Tower) equipped with the ability to handle the U-Pass replacement pass process. Here are some things to remember when needing to purchase a new U-Pass:

  • U-Pass replacement passes are required to continue to utilize the U-Pass
  • U-Pass replacement passes are $50. This fee is non-refundable (in the event that a pass is found later).
  • Rambler Bucks (university fare card) is the ONLY way to purchase a new U-Pass
  • Once a new U-Pass is ordered, the previous card is deactivated and cannot be used
  • Please note that our contract with the CTA currently does not allow us to give out 7-day passes for use while a student awaits their replacement pass, even in cases of stolen passes. Unfortunately the 7-day passes provided to us by the CTA are ONLY for new students awaiting a first-time U-Pass.
  • The $50 replacement fee is required for all lost/stolen cards (regardless of police report) Please note that this is a Ventra fee, not a Loyola fee, and cannot be waived. $50 is what Ventra charges Loyola for replacement cards.


U-Pass Replacement Pass Locations

Lake Shore Campus
Damen Student Center
6511 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60626
773.508.8770 (p)

Please see the Damen Student Center page for the most up to date hours of operation:


 6:00am-1:00am Mon- Fri

8:00am-1:00am Sat - Sun

Please see the Damen Student Center for more information.


Terry Student Center Information Desk is open starting August 28. The desk is closed for university holidays and term breaks (Fall Break, Winter Break)

Water Tower Campus
Terry Student Center
26 E. Pearson
Chicago, IL 60611

Terry Student Center Hours:

9am-6pm Mon- Fri

 Closed Sat and Sun.