Loyola University Chicago

CTA U-Pass

Lost/Stolen Card

Replacement U-Passes can be ordered online at http://www.luc.edu/upass/replace. Please note the following information about replacement cards:

  • U-Pass replacement passes are required to continue to utilize the U-Pass
  • Students should handle their card carefully. There is a replacement fee if the card stops working as a result of abuse.
  • U-Pass replacement passes are $50. Your card will be ordered the day after you place your order and refunds are only available before your card has been ordered. The $50 replacement fee is required for all lost/stolen cards (regardless if stolen). Please note that this is a CTA fee, not a Loyola fee, and cannot be waived. $50 is what CTA charges Loyola for replacement cards.
  • Once a new U-Pass is ordered, the previous card is deactivated and cannot be used
  • Please note that our contract with the CTA currently does not allow us to give out 7-day passes for use while a student awaits their replacement pass, even in cases of stolen passes. Unfortunately the 7-day passes provided to us by the CTA are ONLY for new students awaiting a first-time U-Pass.

Replacement U-Passes may be picked up at the Damen Student Center information desk or the Terry Student Center information desk. If you wish to have your U-Pass transferred to the Terry Student Center information desk, please be sure to select "Water Tower" for your location when ordering the replacement. Transfers will take an additional 1-2 business days to be available.

Passes take between 5-7  business days to arrive.  Once passes arrive, an email will be sent notifying any student that their U-Pass replacement pass has arrived.