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Athletic Competition & Travel Letter

Fall and Spring Semesters

Loyola University's Athletic Department requires that student-athletes attend all classes unless they are representing the University for their sport in competition.  When a student-athlete is in season, s/he receives forms from our office indicating those dates that they will be missing classes for competition.  It is the student-athletes responsibility to give a copy of this form to each of their professors during the first week of the semester.  By signing the form, Faculty acknowledges receipt of the ‘Athletic Competition & Travel Letter.’   The student-athlete is required to return the signed form to the office of Student-Athlete Academic Services.  The form is kept on file in our office for the duration of the semester.

While student-athletes are entitled to make up any missed work because of competition, they are aware that they are responsible for rescheduling any work or exams missed during his or her absences in cooperation with their instructors.