Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2019 Chemistry Seminars

December 5, 2019
Thahani Shifna Habeeb Mohammad
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Design and synthesis of DapE inhibitors as potential antibiotics"

November 21, 2019
Gaby Avila-Bront
College of The Holy Cross, Worchester, MA
Title: "Molecular Interactions in Multi-component Self-Assembled Monolayers as Investigated by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy"

November 14, 2019
Scott Snyder
University of Chicago
Title: "Strategies and Tactics for the Rapid Synthesis of Molecular Complexity"

November 7, 2019
Marie Turano
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Oxidaton Reactions of RH (111)"

October 31, 2019
Hee Yeon Cho
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Transition-Metal Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation"

October 24, 2019
Christopher Uyeda
Purdue University
Title: "Catalysis at Metal-Metal Bonds"

October 17, 2019
Adina Luican-Mayer
The University of Ottawa, Dept. of Physics
Title: "Custom low-dimensional materal systems explored at the atomic scale"

October 10, 2019
Igor Alabugin
Florida State University
Title: "From Alkyne Origami to Electron Upconversion: New Ways to Solve the Ouroboros Problem"

October 3, 2019
Aisha Alshahrani
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Metal Ions Impact on Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 to ITO Electrode and the Enhancement of Current Output"

September 26, 2019
Peter Kekenes-Huskey
Loyola University Maywood Campus
Title: "Understanding cardiac calcium signaling from molecules to systems"

September 19, 2019
Russell Holmes
University of Minnesota
Title: "Probing nanoscale exciton transport in organic semiconductor thin films and devices"

September 12, 2019
Jim Devery
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Questioning Assumptions in Lewis Acid Catalysis"

September 5, 2019
Adri Lugosan
Loyola University
Title: "Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of CNC-pincer Iron-dinitrogen Complexes"

April 25, 2019
Niki Patel
Merck & Co., Inc.
Title: "Towards a Fully Biocatalytic Manufacturing Route for MK-8591"

April 18, 2019
Jean-Luc Ayitou
IL Institute of Technology
Title: "Navigating the Synthesis and Photophysics of Janus Pyrene-like Chromophores"

April 11, 2019
Richard P. Johnson
University of New Hampshire
Title: "Acid Catalyzed Rearrangements in Arenes: A Multitude of Mechanisms"

April 4, 2019
Brett Beaupre
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "A Seemingly Unnecessarily Elaborate Dehydrogenase"

March 28, 2019 
Sharani Roy
University of Tennessee
Title: "Interaction of Atomic Oxygen with the Ag(111) Surface"

March 21, 2019
Tomoyasu Mani
University of Connecticut, CT
Title: "Exploting Charge-Separated States: From Generating Triplets to Molecular Emission"

March 14, 2019
Raychelle Burks
St. Edwards in Austin, Texas
Title: "Seeing Clearly: Exploring new vapor-phase stains for cyanoacrylate processing of latent prints"

February 28, 2019
Elizabeth Jamka
Loyola University Chicago 
Title: "Grazing Incidence XRF and Carbon Dioxide Cleaning"

February 21, 2019
John Anderson
University of Chicago
Title: "Terminal Oxo-Complexes in Pseudo-Tetrahedral Geometries"

February 14, 2019
Michael Webb
Illinois State University
Title: "Metals in Medicine: From Target to Therapeutic"

February 7, 2019
Sergio Mendes
University of Kentucky
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Title: "Electro-Active Optical Interfaces for Molecular Films Studies and Applications"

January 31, 2019
Elizabeth Jamka
Loyola University Chicago
Title: "Grazing Incidence XRF and Carbon Dioxide Cleaning"

January 24, 2019
Nan Jiang 
Title: "Angstrom Scale Chemical Analysis via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy"