Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Recently profiled doctoral student Rachael Farber received the 2018 Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research through IOTA SIGMA PI, a national honor society for women in chemistry. Farber's work focused on elucidating the chemical and physical effects of oxygen incorporation on catalytically relevant metals using surface science techniques.

ISP covers all divisions in the field of Chemistry and Biochemistry and therefore casts a wide net of nominees. There are over 300 eligible Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments at accredited Universities across the country that can nominate one student annually for this award. This significant achievement highlights Farber’s exceptional accomplishments as a graduate researcher at Loyola.

The value of these awards is tied to the larger appreciation of Farber’s research. Accruing accolades goes beyond recognition; the awards also bring awareness to her field of study, creates additional collaborative opportunities, and acknowledges that the ideas, issues, and research she conducts has a meaningful impact on science and in our communities. 

Rachael will continue her work as a post-doc starting in May 2018 at University of Chicago, where she received the Kadanoff-Rice Fellowship.