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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Ongoing work is well balanced between Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. In addition there are adjunct faculty in the Biology and Physics Departments. Much of the current research transcends traditional boundaries to include fields such as bioorganic, bioinorganic, biophysical, and environmental chemistry. Weekly seminars and the annual Denkewalter Lecture (which brings the winner of either the American Chemical Society's Pure Chemistry or Eli Lilly awards to campus) provide an opportunity to learn about up to date advances from respected scientists from industry and academia.

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Chemistry Schedules

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Course Repeat Rule

Effective with the Fall 2017 semester, students are allowed only THREE attempts to pass Chemistry courses with a C- or better grade. The three attempts include withdrawals (W).

After the second attempt, the student must secure approval for a third attempt. Students must come to the Chemistry Department, fill out a permission to register form or print: Permission to Register CHEM Course, and obtain a signature from the Undergraduate Program Director, Assistant Chairperson, or Chairperson in Chemistry. A copy of this form is then taken to a student's Advising office to secure final permission for the attempt.