Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Ballicora, Miguel Professor
Department Chair
FH-125 773.508.7045
Becker, Daniel Professor FH-217A 773.508.3089
Chiarelli, M. Paul Professor FH-102 773.508.3106
Cho, Hee Yeon Assistant Professor FH-209 773.508.3255
Ciszek, Jacob Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
FH-122 773.508.3107
Daubenmire, Patrick Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
FH-415 773.508.8248
Devery, James Assistant Professor FH-215 773.508.3571
Esipova, Tatiana Assistant Professor FH-203 773.508.3357
Graham, Daniel Professor FH-401 773.508.3169
Killelea, Dan Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
FH-103 773.508.3136
Lee, Wei-Tsung Associate Professor FH-402A 773.508.3205
Li, Pengfei Assistant Professor FH-314B 773.508.3785
Liu, Dali Professor FH-422 773.508.3093
Moran, Graham Professor
Carl Moore Endowed Research Chair
FH-419 773.508.3756
Schmeling, Martina Associate Professor FH-408 773.508.3124
Zimmermann, Joerg Associate Professor FH - 418 773-508-3117