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Undergraduate Programs

‌The Chemistry Department offers three degree programs: BA in chemistry, BS in chemistry and the BS in biochemistry.  These programs follow prescribed professional guidelines and are approved by the American Chemical Society. Loyola programs are unique because of the close contact between students and faculty, due to smaller class sizes in advanced classes. Chemistry faculty members spend significant time assisting students both in and out of the classroom.

Loyola's Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs in chemistry and biochemistry offer opportunities to excel in one of the fundamental areas of science. The prestige of this program is based on the success of students in developing their goals for work in industry, academia, and/or diverse professional schools and in adopting the Loyola mission of applying knowledge in the service of humanity.

At the completion of the Undergraduate Major in Chemistry or Biochemistry, students will be able to:

  1. answer knowledge and comprehension type questions related to fundamental chemical concepts and demonstrate fluency with basic facts, terminology, and principles in the various subfields of chemistry.
  2. understand and describe the chemical basis of life, our natural resources and environments, and the universe.
  3. retrieve, research, synthesize, and critically evaluate scientific literature.
  4. design and implement experiments that test predictive hypotheses, gather relevant data, analyze results, and interpret the significance of these results.
  5. operate state of the art equipment used by chemists and biochemists.
  6. engage in scientific reasoning with claims based on supported evidence and communicate effectively results and interpretations of scientific research.

The programs in chemistry lay a firm foundation for chemistry majors and give other students a cultural background in chemistry. The BS programs are intended explicitly for those undergraduates who have career goals in chemistry (i.e., an industrial or academic chemistry career most probably following graduate training for the MS and/or PhD degrees) but are also good preparation for careers in medicine, law, pharmacy and other professions.

The BA program is intended for those undergraduates who have career goals in fields other than chemistry, but for which a strong chemistry background is desirable (e.g., medicine, dentistry, technical sales, patent law).

Chemistry Majors can use the files below to track their progress through the major.

Chemistry Minors can use the file below to track their progress through the minor.

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