Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty & Staff


Loyola programs are unique because of the close contact between students and faculty, due to smaller class sizes in advanced classes. Chemistry faculty members spend significant time assisting students both in and out of the classroom.

The diverse research interests of the faculty open up a wide range of research experiences to students. Ongoing work is well balanced between Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. In addition there are adjunct faculty in the Biology and Physics Departments. Much of the current research transcends traditional boundaries to include fields such as bioorganic, bioinorganic, biophysical, and environmental chemistry.

The department has a full secretarial and stockroom staff, undergraduate lab coordinators and instrument technicians.


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Balija, Amy Instructor FH-104 773.508.3178
Ballicora, Miguel Professor
Department Chair
FH-125 773.508.7045
Basner, Andrew Lecturer FH-428 773.508.3135
Becker, Daniel Professor FH-217A 773.508.3089
Billingsley, Kelvin Associate Professor FH - 209 773.508.3255
Binaku, Katrina Advanced Lecturer FH-304 773.508.8715
Chiarelli, M. Paul Professor FH-102 773.508.3106
Ciszek, Jacob Professor
Graduate Program Director
FH-122 773.508.3107
Daubenmire, Patrick Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
FH-415 773.508.8248
Devery, James Associate Professor FH-215 773.508.3571
Eisenberg, Jessica Lecturer LSB - 124 773.508.8714
Esipova, Tatiana Assistant Professor FH-203 773.508.3357
Gates, Colin Assistant Professor FH - 022 773.508.3091
Greene-Johnson, Willetta Senior Lecturer CS-307 773.508.3537
Helquist, Sandra Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Program Director
FH-200B 773.508.3139
Kahveci, Murat Instructor FH-409 773.508.3764
Killelea, Dan Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Grants
FH-103 Cuneo 404 773.508.3136
Lee, Wei-Tsung Associate Professor FH-402A 773.508.3205
Li, Pengfei Assistant Professor FH-314B 773.508.3785
Liu, Dali Professor FH-422 773.508.3093
Lugosan, Adriana Instructor FH - 200A 773.508.2687
Mahapatra, Mausumi Assistant Professor FH - 401 773.508.3169
May, Donald Senior Lecturer FH-403 773.508.3191
Moran, Graham Professor
Carl Moore Endowed Research Chair
FH-419 773.508.3756
Naleway, Conrad Lecturer FH-200C 773.508.3115
Osner, Zachary Advanced Lecturer FH-200A 773.508.3138
Pine, Polina Senior Lecturer FH - 403 773.508.3134
Pecak, Agnes Senior Lecturer FH-428 773.508.2883
Ray, Manisha Assistant Professor FH-212 773.508.3827
Schmeling, Martina Associate Professor FH-408 773.508.3124
Szpunar, Carole Senior Lecturer FH-200B 773.508.3128
Thomas, Timothy Senior Lecturer LSB-124 773.508.8115
Zimmermann, Joerg Associate Professor FH - 418 773.508.3117

Faculty Emeriti

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Crumrine, David Emeritus Professor FH-200A 773.508.3114
Fitch, Alanah Emeritus Professor 773.508.3119
Florian, Jan Emeritus Professor
Freitas, Duarte Emeritus Professor
Graham, Daniel Emeritus Professor
Herlinger, Albert Emeritus Professor
Olsen, Ken Emeritus Professor FH-304 773.508.3121
Pavkovic, Stephen Emeritus Professor 773.508.3100


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Grimm, Carol Senior Secretary FH-125 773.508.3111
Hall, Denise Office Coordinator FH-125 773.508.3090
Joyce, Maura Graduate Program Coordinator FH-125 773.508.3104
Sara, Matt Chemistry Operations Manager FH-120 773.508.3109
Sham, Simon NMR Manager FH - 104 773.508.2598