Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Shared Instrumentation Resources

Welcome to the department of chemistry and biochemistry's shared instrumentation resources. In addition to the standard research/teaching equipment common to every chemistry department the department houses several specialized facilities.


Shared Instrumentation Facility:  We host a dedicated shared instruments facility containing eight shared instruments all located in Flanner Hall 315.  These include scanning electron microscopy, atomic absorption, UV-vis, FTIR, electrochemistry, and raman.  A full list of instruments, their capabilities, associated contact, training requirements, and scheduling can be found on outage.


NMR/EPR facilities:  A suite containing three high resolution NMR spectrometers and an EPR spectrometer are hosed in Flanner Hall 108 and 006.  A list of instruments, their capabilities, associated contact, training requirements, and scheduling can be found on our NMR/EPR facilities page.


Departmental and Group Instrumentation: The department host many instruments within various teaching labs and research groups.  Examples include electrochemistry (electrochemically active planar waveguide), materials (Bruker Tensor 37 IR with IRRAS capabilities, Kurt J. Lesker Nano38 thermal evaporator, Gaertner Stokes Ellipsometer, Shimadzu 2550 UV-vis with ISR-2200 integrating sphere), macromolecular crystallization (Gryphon liquid handling system/crystallization robot), environmental analysis (TXRF), and surface analysis (RHK Technologies Pan-style STM. PHI 10-110 CMA for Auger Electron Spectroscopy, a UTi 100C QMS for TPD, and RGA).  You can find a full list of departmental and group instrumentation at this link.


Computational Resources: The department maintains computation resources ranging from quantum and molecular dynamic software, to other support software such as Mathmetica and ChemDraw.  Additional details can be found at the computation resources page.


Additional resources exist in the adjoining Quinlan Life Science Building, and adjacent Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES) and Cudahy Science Hall.  Fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy hosted within Loyola’s Bioimaging Facility.  Ion chromatography, ICP-MS, and other instruments can be found in the IES Analytical Facility.  The department of physics is home to a machine shop for simple materials fabrication.