Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Edward G. Feldmann, Ph.D.



The life story of Dr. Edward George Feldmann reads like a prescription for success: Born in Chicago, educated at Loyola, and an accomplished research fellow at the University of Wisconsin, where he earned a master’s degree in pharmacy and PhD in chemistry-biochemistry, before pursuing post-graduate work at Northwestern and the University of Chicago, he eventually ended up. . . at the White House.

It was Dr. Feldmann’s precocious nature, rooted in a strong Jesuit background, that caught the eye of then President Lyndon B. Johnson, under whom Dr. Feldmann served as drug abuse consultant in 1965.



Dr. Feldmann’s credentialed background, of course, spoke for itself. He had researched the relative duration of dental local anesthetic agents; coordinated, developed, and adopted official standards of quality for numerous pharmaceutical products; edited several leading pharmaceutical research journals and drug reference books; and consulted for Congress and other federal agencies.





But his busy professional life didn’t keep him from pursuing other areas of passion, many of which he still enjoys today. He’s been an active tennis player, a Roman Catholic, and a member of the Knights of Columbus, Sigma Xi, Rho Chi, and Lambda Chi Sigma.

Then, of course, there’s Dr. Feldmann’s family—wife, Mary, and four children, Ann Marie Whittington, Edward William, Robert George, and Karen Lynn Zaragoza—who take his love of chemistry to an entirely different level.

This account is just a sampling of this busy chemist’s life. It is a pleasure and honor to share him with you on the Chemistry website.