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The department welcomes Assistant Professor Colin Gates

The department welcomes Assistant Professor Colin Gates

The department wishes to welcome Assistant Professor Colin Gates to the faculty!  Dr. Gates recently completed a postdoctoral study at the University of Colorado Boulder in the group of Prof. Jeffrey Cameron, where he developed novel biochemical imaging systems in a joint position with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  He completed his PhD in the group of Prof. G. Charles Dismukes at Rutgers University.  Dr. Gates' research focuses on the biochemistry of photosynthesis and nutrient limitation in phototrophs, covering aspects of several disciplines and a range of scales.  Initial research projects in the Gates laboratory include investigation of the roles of inorganic cofactors in the operation of Photosystem II, development of instrumentation and techniques for high-speed quantitative imaging of photosynthetic processes at the subcellular level, and elucidation of the role of polyphosphate body structure and elemental composition in regulation of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria.  Dr. Gates teaches general biochemistry for non-majors and is currently seeking graduate and undergraduate students for research.

Welcome, Dr. Gates!