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Dr. Brazdil Receives Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshmen

Dr. Brazdil Receives Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshmen

Loyola University Chicago values excellence in teaching as being central to its mission of providing an engaging, transformative education. The Office of the Provost formally recognizes and celebrates the exceptional faculty who demonstrate excellence in teaching by announcing university-wide teaching awards that recognize the value of the many different ways in which faculty contribute to transformative learning.

This Fall 2017, Dr. Linda Brazdil, was named the winner of The Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshmen for Fall 2017!

Dr. Brazdil is the Director of the Center for Science and Math Education, comments that the challenges college exerts on students in its expectations of growth, discovery and self-realization can be overwhelming; students need the proper support with these transitions in order to be successful. She recommends that students discover new passions and find things that will sustain them as they continue their journey through life. It is a small wonder that students came forward to nominate the professor who never tired of answering their questions and guiding their learning. As one student states, "Dr. Brazdil embodies all the ideals of Loyola. She believes in her students and in the mission to help people find their place on earth where they make a difference in the world."  In her personal statement, Dr. Brazdil describes the joy in watching students grow and mature, mind, body and spirit, as one of the main reasons she loves working at Loyola.  She delights in the many opportunities her program provides students along this journey.