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The College of Arts & Sciences Welcomes Professor Graham Moran

The College of Arts & Sciences Welcomes Professor Graham Moran

Professor Graham Moran recently joined Loyola Chemistry and Biochemistry, as the first Carl Moore Research Chair in Chemistry & Biochemistry. The Carl Moore Research Chair position is the first endowed chair position in the Sciences at Loyola. Dr. Moran moved his laboratory from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where his research was based for the previous 19 years. His training began at the University of New England Australia working under Dr. Barrie Entsch. After completing two years of doctoral work, he came to the University of Michigan to work collaboratively with the research group of Dr. David Ballou. He then continued his studies as a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick at Texas A&M University.

In each stage of his training Dr. Moran’s work was based in understanding the dynamic and transient states that exist as an enzyme catalyzes a chemical transformation. The unifying theme of his independent research career has been finding evidence for the chemical mechanisms of enzymes. The study of enzymes tends to emphasize the chemistry in biochemistry and seeks to provide definitive descriptions of the reactions these complex molecules catalyze. A number of the enzyme systems studied over the last two decades in the Moran research group have had applications in medicine and agriculture, but the emphasis of the work has remained elucidation of the curious and intricate chemistry at work. Over the last few months Dr. Moran has established a state-of-the-art biochemistry laboratory on the fourth floor of the Flanner Hall that has greatly expanded the research capabilities of the department.  Prof. Moran is looking forward to teaching his first classes this year, working with his new colleagues in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and advancing the research enterprise of Loyola University Chicago.