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Loyola University Chicago
Department of Conference Services—Lake Shore Campus

1125 W. Loyola Avenue, Centennial Forum—Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773-508-8090
Fax: 773-508-3181
Conference E-mail: conferences@luc.edu
Weddings E-mail: weddings@luc.edu‌                 
Loyola University Chicago
Department of Conference Services—Water Tower Campus

26 E. Pearson Street, Baumhart Hall 401
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-915-6178
Fax: 312-915-6255
E-mail: loyolalodging@luc.edu
Dawn Collins
Director of Student Complex and Conference Services
Phone: 773-508-3802
Cell: 312-446-6928
Email: dcollins4@luc.edu
Judy Sunvold
Director of Conference Services
Water Tower Campus
Phone: 312-915-6177
Cell: 312-771-1707
E-mail: jsunvol@luc.edu
Alan Swanke
Manager Marketing & Sales
Phone: 773-508-3888
Email: aswanke@luc.edu 
Britne Amick
Manager, Conference Services
Water Tower Campus
Phone: 312-915-6176
Email: bamick@luc.edu  
James Nettleton
Manager, Conference Services
Lake Shore Campus
Phone: 773-508-2610
Cell: 860-395-8170
Email: jnettleton@luc.edu
Vincent Torossy
Event Specialist
Water Tower Campus
Phone: 312-915-6211
Cell: 312-771-1901
E-Mail: vtorossy@luc.edu
Ellie Trewyn
Event Coordinator & Concierge 
Water Tower Campus
Phone: 312-915-7608
E-Mail: etrewyn@luc.edu 
John Conway
Business Manager
Phone: 773-508-8060
E-mail: jconway3@luc.edu

If you are interested in hosting a conference, meeting, or event at Loyola University Chicago or receiving additional information, please complete our Information Request Form.