Loyola University Chicago

Conference Services


Banking Facilities

There are Automated Teller Machines (ATM) located in the lobbies of the Damen Student Center (LSC), next to the Information Desk and the Terry Student Center, located at Baumhart Hall (WTC). There are also banks within walking distance of each campus such as BMO Harris, Chase, and Bank of America. For locations and directions please stop by the At Your Service desk.

Business Center Services

A small Business Center is available in Regis Hall from the hours of 7:30 a.m.–10:30 p.m. For our guests staying in Baumhart Hall, please consult with your At Your Service Desk Assistant. The following are some of the services you can access via self-service and through our At Your Service Desk office personnel:

  • Photocopies: Black and white and color copiers with collating and stapling capabilities are available. Pricing per page: single sided B&W- $0.15, color- $0.25, double sided B&W- $0.50, color- $0.75.
  • Faxes: Faxes can be sent or received through the Business Center. To have a fax sent to you, please make sure that your name is clearly identified on the cover sheet, along with a note that states what conference you are with and your residence hall room number. Faxes can be sent to 773.508.3181. Once a fax is received you will be notified. The charge for sending a fax is $1.00 a page; receiving $0.50 a page. If you have any questions, please consult with an At Your Service Desk staff member.
  • Computer Stations: We have four computers with Internet access for your use in Regis Hall. There is no charge for using the computers, however, we do ask that you limit your time to 15 minutes a session to give other guests an opportunity to use them as well. Please reserve a terminal at the Regis At Your Service desk.


Upon check-in you will be given a key holder that includes your key(s) to enter your room as well as a key card for entry into your building and other facilities such as the library. If a meal plan is part of your program, you will also receive a meal card. If you purchased parking, your building access card will be programmed for entry and exit. Check-in time starts 3:30 p.m., unless prior arrangements have been made.


A complete set of keys and card (with the exception of the meal card) and a completed check-out form must be returned to the At Your Service Desk at check-out time. Check out is 7:30-10:00 a.m. If you require a later check-out, please consult with an At Your Service Desk Assistant. If you need to depart after hours (after 11:00 p.m.)

Cooking Utensils

For guests staying in Baumhart Hall and Santa Clara apartments, we have pots/pans and cooking utensils available for rent. The cost is $25 a week or $5 a day.


In case of police or medical emergencies, call Campus Safety from any campus telephone by dialing 4-4911. Identify yourself, your location and the nature of your problem. For non-emergency events such as being locked out of your room or plumbing problems, please call the At Your Service Desk.

  • Baumhart Hall: 312.915.6190
  • Regis Hall: 773.508.8090
  • After Hours Assistance (after 11:00 p.m.): 773.508.6052

Fire Safety

If a fire alarm sounds, please look for the EXIT signs and evacuate the building immediately. If you see a fire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm and leave the building via the closest fire escape. For your safety and others, please do not re-enter the building again until you have been cleared to do so. Please do not congregate in the lobby as it may hinder fire and emergency personnel from accessing the appropriate areas.


You are welcome to bring guests to your room, however, as a safety precaution, we ask that you please register them at the At Your Service Desk.

Laundry Facilities

There are laundry facilities located in each residence hall. Laundry detergent and supplies can be purchased at the markets throughout campus. You will need to purchase a laundry card for $5.00 at the laundry card vending machines located in the Simpson Hall lobby or stop by the At Your Service Desk. Ironing boards and irons are available and can be requested at the At Your Service Desk.


Guests are welcome to use our library facilities. Your building access card will allow you to enter the library. Please check-in at the Circulation Desk and identify yourself as a guest of Conference Services. More information on hours/ locations- http://libraries.luc.edu/

Linen Exchange

The linens you receive when you check-in to your room are yours throughout the duration of your stay. If for some reason your linens need to be changed, please ask our At Your Service Desk for a laundry bag. Place soiled linens in the laundry bag and bring the bag to the desk. At that time you will receive your replacement linens.

For guests staying over one week, you may opt to exchange linens at the desk on your designated day of the week. Inquire at front desk for details.   

Lost Keys and Cards

If your key or key card (building access) is lost or stolen, it must be reported IMMEDIATELY to your At Your Service Desk. Please be advised that a charge for lost keys and key cards will be levied for the items that are lost or not properly returned upon check-out. The standard fee is $120 for each lost key, $130 key card and $50 replacement charge for a meal card lost prior to your departure.

Mail/Package Delivery

Lake Shore Campus:Water Tower Campus:
Your Name—Name of Conference
C/O Conference Services
1032 N. Sheridan Road
Centennial Forum, Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60660
Your Name—Name of Conference
C/O Conference Services
820 N. Michigan Avenue
Baumhart Hall, Suite 401
Chicago, IL 60611


We understand it is inevitable that fixtures and furnishings will occasionally fail. If you require maintenance assistance, please contact the At Your Service Desk.

Meal Plan/Dining Halls (Lake Shore Campus only)

If your conference has made arrangements for a meal plan, a meal card will be issued to you when you check-in. The meal card is set for the meal allowance as requested by your conference coordinator. These cards do not have to be returned at the end of your stay. You will be required to show your meal plan card to the Food Service attendant at the dining room that has been designated for your group. Please make sure to consult with your conference planner for the correct dining room. We ask that you please not share food or beverages with non-guests. Your meal plan includes the food that you eat while dining in our facility. Food, beverage, or equipment may not be removed from the dining room (except one ice cream cone or piece of fruit). Appropriate attire including shirts and shoes are required.

The following are the dining hall hours:

Breakfast: 7:30–9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.
Dinner: 4:30–7:30 p.m.

In addition, conference guests can add supplemental funds, known as Rambler Bucks, to their cards. Rambler Bucks can be used at a variety of locations throughout both campuses, including: campus bookstores, dining facilities, on-campus convenience stores, vending machines, and some nearby restaurants.
Please note that these funds are non-refundable.

To add Rambler Bucks:

To add funds with cash, please do so at one of our Value Transfer Stations located around either campus.

  • Damen Student Center—1st floor, Lake Shore Campus
  • Simpson Living Learning Center, Lake Shore Campus
  • Cudahy Library, Lake Shore Campus
  • Sullivan Center for Student Services, Lake Shore Campus
  • 25 E. Pearson—lower level, Water Tower Campus
  • 25 E. Pearson—room 625 in Lewis Library, Water Tower Campus

To add funds with a check, please do so at the Office of the Bursar (minimum of $50) at the Water Tower Campus: 25 E. Pearson (lobby) or at the Lake Shore Campus in the Sullivan Center—6339 N. Sheridan Road.

To add funds with a credit card, please do so at the Online Card Office using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card.

Medical Concerns

Please contact your Conference Coordinator or the At Your Service Assistants if you have any medical concerns. In an emergency, please call Campus Safety at 4-4911.


Messages for conference guests can be left at the At Your Service Desk. Every attempt will be made to deliver emergency messages directly to you. In the event someone needs to get a hold of you due to an emergency, please pass along the following contact phone numbers:
7 a.m.–11 p.m.: 773.508.6050; After 11 p.m.: 773.508.6052.


Parking is available on the Lake Shore Campus for $7.00 a day. You can pay for the parking at an At Your Service Desk. If you are residing in our Water Tower Campus residence hall, you may also take advantage of this rate and park your car on our Lake Shore Campus. Please consult with your At Your Service Desk for more details.
For more information regarding suggested lots near the Water Tower Campus, please visit http://www.luc.edu/campustransportation/

Private Property Care

The University cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft or loss of monies, valuables, or personal property. The protection of personal property is the individual's responsibility. You are encouraged to obtain insurance on property and possessions brought into the residence halls. Serial numbers on such articles such as stereos, laptops, iPods, iPads, or other electronics should be recorded. To guard against such loss, it is advisable to make special arrangements for the protection of valuables when absent for extended periods. Doors should be locked when you leave the room. Do not leave clothes unattended in the laundry rooms or bathrooms. Books, backpacks, and other personal items should not be left unattended in meeting rooms, libraries, or dining areas. Report any theft to Campus Safety as soon as possible.

Residence Hall Policies and Guidelines

We are excited to have you here as our guest and ask that you please observe the following policies in order to make your stay and the stay of our other guests enjoyable:

  • Damage or vandalism to University or private property, injury, or threats to residents or guests or endangering the lives of others will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.
  • Violation of state or federal laws will be terms for eviction.
  • Residents and guests are subject to Illinois State Law, which prohibits the sale, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person under the age of 21. No one is permitted to serve alcohol to minors (persons under 21 years of age).
  • Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the residence halls by guests who are 21 years of age or older and may not be transported or consumed in open view in public or consumed in open view in public or common areas in the residence halls. These areas include lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, suites, lounges and special-use rooms. Alcohol in excess as determined by Conference Services Staff (including, but not limited to kegs of beer) is not allowed in the residence halls, including guest rooms, at any time.
  • You may not detach fixed furniture, surfaces, or remove University furniture from rooms. In the event you do move furniture, a $50 fine is accessed per piece.
  • Skating, rollerblading, and biking are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • The University reserves the right to allow authorized personnel to enter dorm rooms. When such entry is deemed necessary, the University will seek within all reasonable bounds to protect the occupant's privacy. Authorized University personnel may remove items that are in violation of federal, state, local, or university regulations. A reasonable effort shall be made to have the occupant in question present if their rooms are to be searched. The occupant will receive written notification from a University official after such entry is made and advised if authorized staff has discovered any violations or removed any items.
  • The possession, display, and/or use of dangerous objects including, but not limited to, firearms (including BB or pellet guns), fireworks, smoke bombs, explosives, ammunition, hunting knives, swords, sabers, or anything that could be perceived or misrepresented as a weapon is prohibited on University property. Employees of government law enforcement agencies who are required to carry firearms at all times are exempt from the University's policy prohibiting the possession of firearms on campus.
  • Loyola University Chicago is committed to maintaining an environment, which is free from sexual harassment for all members of the University community: students, faculty, employees, and guests.


Chicago is a beautiful and active city. Please consider the following precautions while out and about the city:

Residence Halls: Every attempt is made to provide secure buildings. Residents and guests must show identification before entering a building. Looking-glass peep-holes are in each door of every room in the halls. The security programs in the University residence halls are designed to provide protection for residents and their personal property. The success of these programs depends upon the degree to which each guest accepts responsibility for his or her own behavior and recognizes a concern for the safety and welfare of others. If an outside door is propped open, a key is loaned to someone, or a lock on a door is tampered with, the personal safety and property of others are at risk.

Walking: Always travel in groups on well-lit, well populated streets. Avoid alleyways and dark streets. Remain alert to your surroundings. Don't walk alone at night!

Running: Run against traffic, on sidewalks if available. Run with a friend and leave information concerning your route and anticipated time of return with a friend or at the At Your Service Desk. Run in well-lit, populated areas.

Car: Never leave valuables in plain sight inside vehicle. Before getting into your vehicle, give it a visual check. Look under vehicle during approach. Always maintain 1/4 of a tank of gas in your car.


No smoking is allowed in any residence hall (including private rooms) or meeting rooms. Please be aware of the Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, a measure passed by the Chicago City Council, effective January 16, 2006 where smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of every (Loyola University) building entrance, including building canopies and coverings.


We do not offer pay phones throughout the campus. If you would like to make a call here are some helpful tips to aid in making your call.

  • On-Campus call: Dial the last 5 digits of the campus phone number. Ex: 8-8090
  • Off-Campus call: For local calls, please dial 9 + the number. Long distance call will need to be made with an 800 number calling card.


Transportation to and from downtown Chicago and suburbs is available via the L, bus, taxi, or rideshare. For a map and more detailed information, please consult with an At Your Service Guest Assistant.

Elevated Train (L):

You will want to take the CTA Red Line to access both campuses. The stop for the Lake Shore Campus is "Loyola" and the Water Tower Campus is "Chicago".


The 147 bus is an express bus service, however, it can have limited service on the weekends. The 151 does offer late night and evening service. Your stops are as follow: Lake Shore Campus: Loyola and Sheridan stop; Water Tower Campus: Michigan and Pearson/Chestnut.

Taxi or Rideshare:

If you want non-stop service to your destination, it is recommended that you take a taxi or ride share. Please check with the At Your Service Desk Assistant for various taxi/ ride share companies in the area.