Loyola University Chicago

Conference Services

Facility Policies


  • Open alcohol is strictly prohibited in the common areas of the campus.
  • Exceptions to this include Ireland’s (lower level) and event spaces that have a catered alcohol presence
  • The sale of alcohol is only to be tendered by Ireland’s staff in Ireland’s and LU’s Deli staff at LU’s Deli (Terry Student Center). All other event spaces on campus must have their alcohol catered by Aramark.

Camera and Video Recording

  • Filming on Loyola’s campuses are only allowed with proper clearance from Conference Services and a filming contract will be issued and fees will be assessed.
  • All Loyola staff, faculty, and students must give verbal and/or written consent to be video recorded.


  • Loyola University Chicago’s preferred caterer is Aramark. No external food or beverages may be brought on campus. For more information please contact Loyola’s Catering Department at 773.508.6035 or catering@luc.edu.


  • Children under the age of 13 years of age should not be left unattended at any time and should have appropriate adult supervision while on campus.

Decorations (Events)

  • Under no circumstances should anyone tape or affix decorations to any wall, railing, wood, metal, glass, paint, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Balloons are prohibited on campus. Loyola University Chicago does not permit balloons within buildings or released into the outdoors since they become trash in Lake Michigan and endanger wildlife.
  • No rice or corn may be thrown at weddings/ events on campus as this endangers wildlife.
  • Open flames are not permitted in most buildings on campus. All requests for open flame must be made in writing to Conference Services administration for review.
  • All decorations must be completely removed and cleaned after an event. Failure to do so may result in a clean-up fee.
  • All decorations must be flame retardant.
  • The use of glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, frames, columns, or staging for attaching any materials are not permitted unless by special permission from Conference Services administration.
  • The use of paint (outside of banner décor) is prohibited on campus.
  • Smoke or fog machines are not permitted unless approval is gained from Conference Services administration.
  • No chalk or stickers may be used on campus sidewalks.
  • Suspending materials from the ceiling or light fixtures is prohibited, as are decorations, displays, or exhibits that require a flame.
  • All delivery of items is the responsibility of the organizers of the event and a designated individual from the event must be present to receive the delivery.

EMS Services

  • Campus Safety is the sole provider of EMS services on campus.
  • Conference Services administration may determine, without the consent of an event organizer, that an event requires EMS services. In this event, Conference Services administration will render payment for these services (if necessary).
  • Event organizers interested in acquiring EMS services for their can contact Conference Services administration.


  • Loyola Facilities Management and Engineering departments control the use of elevators on Loyola’s campus.
  • Please report all elevator issues to Conference Services staff who will notify Facilities Management of the issue immediately.
  • In the event that you are stuck in an elevator, please call for assistance using the RED emergency call button located within each elevator.
  • In the event that an elevator is not functioning, please notify Conference Services staff/administration immediately.

Film Screening

  • The screening of any copyrighted movie is illegal without obtaining the Public Performance Rights for the film. This policy pertains to all spaces on campus.
  • Showing films as part of a class or for instructional purposes is allowed, and Performance Rights are not needed (face-to-face exemption).

Open Flames

  • Open flames within campus venues are prohibited unless approval is granted by Conference Services administration.
  • Exceptions may be given for religious events and programs and catered events (heat).
  • In the event of approval of open flame, groups must make every reasonable attempt to conceal the flame in a safe way (height, width, location of flame).


  • When planning or attending an event on campus, all guests must park in accordance with University parking policies available from Loyola University Chicago Parking Services. These policies can be found at: www.luc.edu/parking
  • Loyola has 2 main parking garages (Lake Shore Campus) and several options at the Water Tower Campus that charge a daily rate. There is also permit street parking that is available at certain times of the day.
  • No parking is permitted in the loading dock areas or on campus unless it has received the approval of Conference Services administration and/or Campus Safety.
  • Conference Services staff is not responsible for any vehicle left unattended, as well as any items in a vehicle or tickets issued to a driver of a vehicle left in an unauthorized campus area.

Prohibited Items

  • Items that jeopardize safety, facility, event, and/or program enjoyment are strictly prohibited. These items include, but are not limited to:
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Air Horns
    • Alcoholic Beverages (outside of designated area)
    • Animals (except for people with disabilities)
    • Wine Skins
    • Bullhorns
    • Confetti Guns or Cannons (unless approved by Student Center administration)
    • Fireworks
    • Firearms or Weapons
    • Knives
    • Illegal Drugs
    • Skateboards, Rollerblades, Bicycles, Skates
  • Conference Services administration reserves the right to remove any items in violation of this policy and security guidelines.
  • Exceptions must be approved by Conference Services administration.

Property Damage

  • All groups using Loyola’s campus spaces are responsible for any and all damages in the facility resulting from their event or activity. Conference Services administration reserve the right to bill any organization or department for damages or losses resulting from using or misuse of the facilities.
  • Suspending materials from the ceiling or light fixtures is prohibited, as are decorations, displays or exhibits that require flames.
  • Conference Services staff does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials left behind by a group.
  • Paint, especially spray paint, is prohibited in campus facilities. Exceptions must be approved by Conference Services administration.
  • No dancing is permitted on carpeted venues on campus without the rental of a dance floor.
  • Dancing is prohibited in Piper Hall mansion as these are the original wood floors.
  • See also “Decorations”

Regulations and Safety

  • The sponsoring organization/department of an event hosted in campus facilities is responsible for both the safety of persons attending and for returning the rooms back to their original condition.
  • Alteration to the permanent structure of spaces (including walls, ceilings, seating, floors, window treatments, fixtures, screens, and electricity) are not permitted. Any damage costs will be charged to the group at the replacement/repair cost.
  • Aisle ways must be kept clear at all times during programs. Seating and standing in aisle ways during a program is a violation of fire codes.
  • Exits must open readily and be accessible at all times. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened from the outside.
  • No doors may be covered in paper so as to limit the visual access for safety concerns.
  • No access to the back hallways or kitchen areas will be granted to anyone other than authorized personnel.


  • University Campus Safety serves as the primary method of safety for all campus facilities.
  • All emergencies and evacuation procedures for the campus facilities are made in conjunction with Campus Safety administration.
  • Campus Safety is responsible for the opening/closing of facilities and make final decisions (in conjunction with Conference Services administration) as to who is allowed in campus facilities.
  • In case of an emergency contact Campus Safety at 773.508.6039 at Lake Shore Campus or 312.915.6677 at Water Tower Campus.

Sign & Banner Posting

  • No sign and/or advertisement should be attached to walls, glass, windows, floors, elevators, etc.
  • No sign should be painted on any campus facilities, hallways, elevators, staircases, and entrances.
  • All signage outside of the permanent facility signage within campus facilities must be approved by Conference Services staff. These signs include vinyl banners, sandwich boards, easels, white boards, poster board, and fliers.
  • Any directional signage must be placed on campus by Conference Services staff. Under no circumstances should event organizers place on their own.


  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside campus facilities. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of the entrance to any campus building in accordance with state law.


  • Conference Services staff will not be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of any items left or stored in the facilities.
  • Conference Services facilities have very limited storage. No meeting rooms or event spaces will reserved for the sole purpose of storage.
  • The storage or setup of items in these rooms must be removed at the end of the event, unless arranged differently with Conference Services staff.
  • Mechanical rooms MAY NOT be used as storage space.


  • The possession of, use or storage of any firearm, ammunition, explosive device, or other deadly weapon in any form is prohibited on any Loyola owned or operated facility.  The only exception to this policy are weapons carried by police officers.
  • “Weapons” include, but are not limited to, martial arts weapons, knives, bows and arrows, air guns, shot guns, BB guns, paintball guns, rifles, pistols, and any other weapon that has the ability to cause bodily harm.
  • Any faculty, staff, contracted staff, student, or guest on campus determined to have violated this policy is subject to disciplinary action.

Window Postings/Coverings

  • Groups using Loyola facilities may at no time place, tape, glue, tack or support anything that blocks a window, doorway or entrance way.
  • No signs, unless given the approval of Conference Services staff, can be taped to any window that is not part of an office suite.