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Loyola University Chicago-Campus Space Usage Policy


Loyola University Chicago strives to be a welcoming community and advance discussion, learning and engagement through the use of its facilities on five campuses.  Each year, Loyola welcomes conferences, seminars, community meetings and speaker presentations that advance our common interests in the pursuit of knowledge and encouragement of dialogue and discussion on a variety of topics.

With over 2 million square feet of space across the Water Tower and Lake Shore Campuses alone, the university also has an obligation to ensure that its facilities are well maintained and secured, that the needs of our guests on our campuses are met and that, in doing so,  the university is appropriately prepared, compensated and protected.

The Campus Space Usage Policy is intended to ensure that Loyola can continue to serve the various needs of our campus community while at the same time outlining specific protocols that will help sponsors, planners and event organizers appropriately consider the operational impact, cost and advance notification necessary for a successful event.

Overall Policy Statement

Ownership of all Loyola University Chicago space/facilities belongs to the University, rather than individuals, units or departments and is assigned for specific functions that support Loyola’s educational mission and strategic goals set by the University.

The use of University-owned facilities is primarily reserved for students, faculty and staff in the normal daily operations of our educational enterprise.  Events, conferences, seminars, and talks that complement our educational landscape will be accommodated if appropriate on-campus space is available and under the parameters of this Campus Space Usage Policy.  The university president and provosts reserve the right to deny access and use of university facilities for any event, conference, seminar or talk that they believe is not consistent with Loyola’s Jesuit and Catholic identity and mission. All properties, buildings, spaces (both indoors & outdoors) on all campuses are included in this policy.

The use of university space is a privilege.  It comes with the expectation that the individual department, school or division using or sponsoring the use of the space:

  • RESPECT university property, and;
  • RECOGNIZE that the set-up, security, insurance, guest and participant accommodations and audio-visual support does not come without cost. 

Space Usage Categories

Internal university use- The event, performance, conference, seminar, talk, etc. is presented by and attended by faculty, staff, or students of Loyola only.  The event is not open to the general public or any other group other than faculty, staff or students. No registration fees, conference fees or membership fees are required for anyone to attend the event and the appropriate university department is primarily responsible for the program, its promotion and execution.  It is typically hosted by an academic department, student organization, services unit or division. External sponsorships are not permitted; this would also include an outside organization to pay for the catering of an event and to reimburse the department hosting the event.

Sponsored event- The event, performance, conference, seminar, talk, etc. is hosted by an appropriate University department or departments, school, division, student organization and may be promoted and marketed to a broad external group, typically, but not always listed under the name of an association or agency, (e.g. Society of Professional Journalists, American Association of Accounting Professionals, Society of Historians, etc.)  Typically, but not always membership in an organization, conference or admission fee is charged in order to attend.  Speakers and/or guests must also include Loyola faculty, staff or students. In order for they category to apply, the hosting department must be present during the event and work with Conference Services on logistics. If not, it is considered and external event/activity.

External event- The event, performance, conference, seminar, talk, etc. is promoted and executed by an external organization or association that desires to use the University’s facilities, housing accommodations and other amenities for its program.  Loyola students, faculty or staff may or may not have an interest or role in the program and typically, but not always, registration fees, membership or admission fees are charged by the organizers of the event.

Fees, insurance and guest accommodations

The set-up, usage, cleaning and maintenance of university space is handled through the facilities department and our outside housekeeping contractor, Millard Services.  Fees may be incurred for room preparation and take-down for internal and co-sponsored events if they exceed the standard room setup or require support beyond the capabilities of the space.  However, in an effort to encourage academic departments, divisions and schools to engage with outside associations and bring them to Loyola and Chicago to host their events, Conference Services can assist and  has instituted a two-tiered rate structure for room rental fees, clean-up and associated requirements.


Internal events – Most setups are complimentary especially if an event uses the existing standard room setups.  Additional fees may apply if the setup exceeds the existing configuration capabilities. If equipment and resources are brought in to support the event, the sponsoring department will be notified of additional expenses and will have the option to work with the existing university resources or assume payment responsibilities for the additional support.

Sponsored events -rates apply to those sponsored events that are hosted on campus by a University department or departments, school, division, student organization and are designed to cover the actual costs only of personnel and set-up and take down of requested rooms.  Typically fees are 50% of the external event rate.

External events - rates apply to those external events whose organizations contact conference services directly for use of our space, campus amenities and, in some cases, overnight accommodations, for their members or audience.  These rates are competitive with other conference venues in Chicago including local hotels.            


Certificates of Insurance must be provided for any sponsored or conference event held on any of Loyola University’s campuses.  Conference Services is equipped to answer questions on the form and requirements of such insurance certificates.

Guest accommodations

Sponsored or conference events are expected to work with Conference Services to address any needed guest accommodations such as parking, overnight rooms or special needs.  Unless otherwise negotiated via a Conference Services agreement, all guests will be responsible for the cost of any on-campus parking, overnight accommodations or other special requirements.

Protocols and Policy for Usage Categories

25LIVE is the university’s on-line room reservation system.  It is accessible via: www.luc.edu/campus reservations/25live/   by any Loyola registered student organization, faculty member or staff member.  It is important that all fields and details of the event be completed in 25LIVE so that room set-up needs and facilities and Campus Reservations appropriately understand any other event information.  25LIVE is the reservation mechanism that should be used to reserve campus space for Internal University Use categories only.  Sponsored and External events must be booked via Conference Services to ensure that appropriate fees, insurance requirements and guest accommodations can be met.


1)      Determine the usage category of your event.  (Internal, Sponsored, External)

2)      If you are unsure, phone Campus Reservations (773-508-8117) or Conference Services (773-508-8090) for input and direction.

3)      Depending on the event type, proceed to reserve the desired spaces/dates/times either via 25LIVE or with a call to Conference Services (773-508-8090); NOTE: it is important that all questions on 25LIVE are answered fully and truthfully.  Falsifying information on 25LIVE to circumvent the assessment of appropriate charges for event space will result in its cancellation and assessment of appropriate fees.

4)      Campus Reservations will assist with reservations, event details and logistics for internal University use categories only. 

5)      Conference Services will assist with reservations, logistics, event details, contracts, insurance, invoices, payments, parking, transportation, AV, communication/signage, security and special requests.

Event types and any associated costs and requirements

Internal university use-

            Reservation process:   25LIVE

            Room set up fees:       None

            Room rental fees:       None

            Room clean fees:        None

            Food costs:                  Per Loyola Catering/usage

A/V:  ITRS supported with the exception of afterhours/weekends which may incur additional fees. Last minute request may not be           supported.


Sponsored event- (call Conference Services for rates)

            Reservation process:  Conference Services

            Room set-up fees:       Yes—University sponsorship rate schedule

            Room rental fees:       Yes---University sponsorship rate schedule

            Room clean fees:        Yes—University sponsorship rate schedule

            Food/Beverage:          Loyola Catering

            AV:                               Yes—per conference services schedule

            Contracts/Insurance   Yes

            Invoices/Payments      Yes

External event- (call Conference Services for rates)

            Reservation process:   Conference Services

            Room set-up fees:       Yes—Conference rate schedule

            Room rental fees:       Yes—Conference rate schedule

            Room clean fees:        Yes—Conference rate schedule

            Food/Beverage:          Loyola Catering          

            AV:                               Yes

            Contracts/Insurance   Yes

            Invoices/Payments      Yes


Notes: Stages, set-ups, security, parking/transportation, Athletics events, use of Gentile arena, early/late building access, may require additional fees and assistance.

Sponsored and external events must be booked a minimum of 21 days prior to the event date. If the event is under 21 days, additional cost may be incurred.

Political events must have prior approval from the office of Government Affairs.

Events/activities cancelled less than 48 hours (or not at all) may result in the rooms/space setup charges assessed to the University department or departments, school, division, student organization.