Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning

Friday Morning Seminar - Spring 2011

Spring 2011 


January 21st

No seminar

January 28th

Research Inclusivity: Opening up the Table.

Louisa Bigelow, IMACT Program, University of Illinois at Chicago

February 4th

American Universities: Collaborative Research and Breaking Down Silos.

Philip Nyden and David Van Zytveld, Center for Urban Research and Learning, Loyola University Chicago

February 11th

Does Collaboration Work‌.
Jim Larson,Department of Psychology, Loyola University Chicago

February 18th

Ornery Alligators and Soap on a Rope: Texas Prosecutors and Punishment Reform in the Lone Star State.

Michael Campbell, Department of Sociology, Northern Illinois University

February 25th

American and Muslim—The Impact of Religious Identity on Racial Status: A Comparative Analysis of South Asian and Arab American Muslims in the Chicago Area.

Saher Selod, Department of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago

March 4th

Digital Sociology: Tools & Resources for 21st Century Research

Eben English, Loyola University Chicago Libraries, Loyola University Chicago

March 11th

Spring break, no seminar

March 18th

Loyola University Chicago School of Health Justice Project: Community Collaboration to Ensure Equal Access to Health, Opportunity, and Justice.

Emily Benfer, School of Law, Loyola University Chicago

March 25th

Engaged Scholarship and Collaborative Service-Learning in Refugee Resettlement. [PDF]

Daniel Amick, Department of Anthropology, Loyola University Chicago

April 1st

Advising the Department of Education on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement: What’s At Stake‌.

Kathleen Maas Weigert, Research Professor of Social Justice, Loyola University Chicago

April 8th

The Role of the University in Nurturing Engaged Research.

Fr. Michael Garanzini, Office of the President, Loyola University Chicago

April 15th

Suspension Stories: Challenging the School to Prison Pipeline (A Collaborative Youth-Adult Participatory Action Research Project).

Mariame Kaba, Project NIA.

April 22nd

Good Friday, no seminar

April 29th

Dying From to ‘Living With’: Framing Institutions and the Coping Process for Black Women Living with HIV/AIDS .

Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University