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Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

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LGBTQIA Initiatives


Welcome to our LGBTQIA+ Initiatives! The spaces and programs we create and sustain are developed to validate and affirm all orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, lack thereof, or combination of any of those social identities. If you have any questions regarding programming, our QUEST mentorship program, or have any general questions regarding LGBTQIA+ Initiatives (either within CDI, or within the university as a whole), please reach out to diversity@luc.edu. All messages will be considered confidential. 

History, Mission and Values

Q-Initiatives (Queer Initiatives) are spaces and programs that center LGBTQIA students. These spaces are meant for discussing, singing, laughing, grieving, celebrating, and speaking out. 

Get Involved

Most of our programming is open to all Loyola students! Follow us on our social media and the CDI newsletter to stay up to date with our upcoming events.

Unisex Restroom Locations

All restrooms on this page listed are considered by some to be gender-neutral, but are often marked as 'family' restrooms, or single-sex stalls. Due to their signage and our efforts to be transparent, they are referred to in our materials as unisex.

Student Resources

On and Off Campus LGBTQIA+ Resources that we compile for students, staff, and faculty to access