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Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

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Ramblers Analyzing IDEAS

Ramblers Analyzing IDEAS (RAI) is a program designed to empower undergraduate students to activate the process of making connections between the intersections of inclusion, diversity, equity, access, social justice (IDEAS) and the student experience. Loyola University Chicago’s student leaders (Idealists) in the department of ‌Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) facilitate and create high-quality workshops and events focused on personal identity and leadership development, community building, and social change. This program allows for the cultivation of a brave and supportive environment for students that are invigorated by the concept of social justice and the pursuit to discover how it appears in the various contexts of higher education and societies at large. 

Program Goals and Learning Objectives 

RAI aims to build and nurture the social justice journey and advocacy in students by: 

  • Creating environments that promote authentic exploration of the self in society 

  • Validating and nurturing their social identities   

  • Identifying ways to navigate through systems of power, privilege, and oppression   

  • Making connections with peers to help cultivate a solidarity ethic 

Goal 1: Develop identity-based empowerment and solidarity among students 

  • Goal 1.1: Invigorate student consciousness and awareness of their intersecting social identities  

  • Goal 1.2: Produce an environment for students to connect, across difference, around shared motivation to explore IDEAS 

Goal 2: Nurture leadership development of Idealists 

  • Goal 2.1: Generate the space for interns to build collaboration skills in program development and implementation, communication, as well as facilitation  

  • Goal 2.2: Establish opportunities for continued development of social justice philosophy and perspectives that create an environment for students to engage in practices of cultural humility  

Goal 3: Foster co-curricular college development among students 

  • Goal 3.1: Cultivate exploration opportunities that the students can identify with on various aspects of identity and experience 

  • Goal 3.2: Empower students to build a community of support and accountability during their time at the institution 

  • Goal 3.3: Build awareness of systematic obstacles that exist for historically minoritized and economically disenfranchised college students 

RAI is open to current undergraduate students who are interested in discovering and deepening their interest in IDEAS.  

RAI Monthly Meetups 

RAI is currently the only initiative offered by CDI that is open to all undergraduate students within LUC regardless of how they self-identify. Monthly meetups are engagements led by the RAI student leaders (Idealists) and are held in-person or the virtual capacity. These events focus on making connections between elements of IDEAS topics, current societal events, community building, and the student experience in and outside of the classroom. 

Social Media 

Be sure to follow Ramblers Analyzing IDEAS on Instagram @luc.rai for the latest updates and information.  

  • EDU-Wednesdays: Provide information or resources surrounding a relevant social justice topic 

  • Talk Back Tuesdays: Spark a conversation among the RAI program community members to engage in conversation regarding a chosen topic. 

  • Social Justice Speaker Series: The purpose of this campaign is to allow students to share different aspects of their social justice journey through responses to prompts in the form of IG polls, Q & A via Instagram Live, and submission of their experiences to the comments section of an Instagram post.