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  • Faculty Spotlight

    Sandra Kaufmann discusses Martha Graham's "Suite from Appalachian Spring"

    Sandra Kaufmann, Founding Director of the Loyola University Chicago Dance Program, brings her deep knowledge of the Graham technique to Kanopy Dance's Graham: In HER Voice, presented this Spring at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, WI.

    As a Guest Regisseur for Kanopy Dance Company, Sandra uses her extensive performing career with the Martha Graham Dance Company to restage and contextualize Graham's "Suite from Appalachian Spring." The historic work premiered in 1944, exuding optimism and celebration during a time of war and grief. In the 21st Century, "Suite from Appalachian Spring" continues to spark imagination and harbor hope for a more joyous future.

    Video Courtesy of Kanopy Dance

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    Loyola’s Dance Minor is Cultivating Community Through Artistic Excellence

    Loyola University Chicago’s College of Arts and Sciences offers 68 minors, but the Dance Minor stands out because of its unique holistic approach to arts education. The 18-credit hour curriculum combines applied technique courses with foundations courses that enrich students’ understanding of dance theories and provide contemporary context.
  • Academics

    The Capstone as a Stepping Stone: Preparing Dance Majors for Life Post-Graduation

    Each February, the Senior Solo Showcase exemplifies four years of hard work and seeks to embolden graduating dance majors in their final semester Sarah Cullen Fuller, Lecturer of Dance, serves as the Artistic Director of the showcase and a valuable mentor to the students.
  • Faculty Spotlight

    Deborah Goodman: Pedagogy that’s Inspiring (Com)passion for the Arts

    Cura Personalis, or care for the whole person, is a hallmark of Loyola University Chicago’s Ignatian mission, and Deborah Goodman, Lecturer in Dance, generously demonstrates this core value through her teaching practice. Goodman’s undeniable passion for dance fosters an environment of curiosity and optimism where students thrive. Senior Dance and Exercise Science Double Major, Megan Clifford, explains how Goodman continuously roots for each student's success and improvement, providing “various modes of feedback to help each student succeed.”
  • Engaged Learning

    “Atlas”: Mapping Connections Between the Chicagoland Dance Community

    "Atlas” continues to unify Loyola dancers with the greater Chicago dance network in its most recent restaging in the 13th Annual Counterbalance on September 30th and October 1st, 2023
  • Engaged Learning

    Loyola Students Restage Dance Concert Piece “Atlas” for Momenta Dance Company and Physically Integrated Dance

    Atlas, the Greek Titan, bore the sky aloft. With the same strength and conviction of the god, Loyola dancers and faculty have cultivated a culture of support and uplift that has extended past the campus grounds and into the greater Chicago dance community. “Atlas,” a new work choreographed by Loyola Lecturer of Dance Sarah Cullen Fuller in collaboration with the original cast, premiered at the annual Mainstage Dance Concert, The Dream of Home, at the Newhart Family Theatre in November 2022. In attendance one evening was Sarah Najera, the Artistic Director of Momenta Dance Company, based in Oak Park, Illinois. Taken by the performance, Najera was inspired to bring “Atlas” into the repertoire at Momenta Dance Company in celebration of their 40th anniversary season.
  • Student Research

    Loyola Dance Senior Molly Kaiser Presents “The Dreamer’s Ball” in Mainstage Dance Concert

    The mainstage dance concert student choreography piece is a unique opportunity for Loyola dancers to create a fully realized work together. “I loved working with my peers who also happen to be my best friends,” reflects Molly. “I wanted to give them a piece where they would shine and feel a sense of pride to perform. They did the same for me, putting in so much hard work and supported my vision being brought to life.”
  • Study Abroad

    Loyola Dance Students Perform with Mandala Dance Company in Rome, Italy

    Following a year of online instruction, the John Felice Rome Center reopened its doors to study abroad programs for Fall 2021. Students in Loyola’s Dance Program were among those who jumped at the opportunity to extend their classroom and learning experience overseas. Dance faculty Dr. Amy Wilkinson has lead students in summer study abroad programs for several years, creating a long-standing relationship with the Mandala Dance Company in Ladispoli, Italy. This summer, Dr. Wilkinson and a group of Loyola dance students traveled to the John Felice Rome Center for an immersive learning experience.
  • Engaged Learning

    Loyola Dance Students Attend the American College Dance Association Conference (ACDA)

    This spring, the Loyola Dance Program attended the American College Dance Association North-Central Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Led by faculty members Dr. Amy Wilkinson and Sarah Cullen Fuller, dance students in DANC 398: Research in Dance performed in concerts and danced in workshop classes during a five-day weekend event. These conferences were held in person for the first time since 2019, and Loyola dancers were excited for the opportunity to dance with fellow college dance students from the Midwest.
  • Alumni

    Dance Fieldwork in Chicago

    Dance fieldwork by three recent dance grads exemplifies how Chicago serves as an extended classroom.