Loyola University Chicago

Dual Credit Program

Application Process

In order to participate in Loyola's Dual Credit program, high school teachers must become Loyola affiliate lecturers. Teachers who become Loyola affiliate lecturers will be eligible for professional development opportunities offered by Loyola. Interested teachers must complete/submit the following:

  • Instructor Application
  • Cover letter summarizing the applicant’s qualifications
    The cover letter should explicitly describe the teacher’s interest, commitment, and experience in teaching the discipline to be taught. The cover letter should explain how the teacher remains professionally active and intellectually engaged in the discipline while also describing what they have taught and how they have taught it.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • College transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation including one from the high school principal
    At least one of the letters of recommendations should explicitly discuss the teacher’s instruction of the discipline, preferably with anecdotal evidence.
  • Course Review Form

APPLY TODAY! Please send your application and supporting documents as attachments via e-mail.

Please also review Appendix A and B of the Memorandum of Understanding 2018-2019‌ for important details.

Newly appointed affiliate lecturers will be invited to participate in an orientation session where they will learn about the policies and procedures of the Dual Credit Program as well as student registration procedures, grading and assessment, etc. Each instructor will also be appointed a Loyola faculty mentor in their discipline at this time.

As part of the Dual Credit Program, instructors will be given access to the Faculty Center to record all official grades. 

Students will be graded according to Loyola's existing guidelines:

  • A = 4.0
  • A- = 3.67
  • B+ = 3.33
  • B = 3.00
  • B- = 2.67
  • C+ = 2.33
  • C = 2.00
  • C- = 1.67
  • D+ = 1.33
  • D = 1.00
  • F = 0