Loyola University Chicago

Dual Credit Program

Your role

As a parent of a dual credit student, you may be wondering how you can help make this a memorable and valuable experience for your son/daughter. Here are a few ideas that you may find helpful:

  • Support—Given that this is likely their first experience with college-level academics, make sure that you offer plenty of encouragement as well as time to listen to their concerns. Acknowledge that the coursework is challenging, but offers them a chance to grow and get a head start on a successful future.
  • Emphasize empowerment and independence—Taking a dual credit course is really the beginning of your son/daughter's college career. With that in mind, encourage them to take the initiative when it comes to registering for class, seeking out resources, and advocating for themselves.
  • Keeping up to date with your e-bill—Making sure that tuition is paid will ensure that your student receives dual credit for all their hard work. Learn more about paying tuition here.