Loyola University Chicago

Dual Credit Program

What is the difference between AP and Dual Credit?

AP courses are part of the College Board organization that requires students to take a rigorous test at the end of the course to potentially earn college credit. A dual credit course on the other hand is an official course at Loyola University Chicago. Students who complete their course satisfactorily will earn high school and college credit for their work.

Review the chart below to see how AP and Dual Credit differ.

  Loyola Dual Credit Courses AP Courses
Courses Fulfills high school requirements toward graduation. Fulfills high school requirements toward graduation.
Affiliation Students are part-time Loyola students. No affiliation to any university
Grades Grades become a part of the student's official college transcript. Grades do not transfer.
Credit Upon successful completion, students receive college credit. Earning college credit depends on how well students perform on an exam.
Cost savings $65/credit hour versus the regular Loyola rate of $690/credit hour Potential to save tuition costs if student performs well on their AP exam.